Math Homework

If you do not no how to use ALEKS site please do not reply. I need to complete my Lab (its called my pie) all the sections of the pie slice. Each slice has about 55 problems to them ad some are completed. I need all 5 slices completed. These are the directions my professor gave us.


“To complete your ALEKS Lab for the week, select the appropriate weekly topic from your “pie.” You may be prompted throughout the weeks to take diagnostic assessments. It is very important that you take these seriously and follow directions as diagnose the customization of your weekly “pies.” It is very important that you try to work through everything in the module because the math we use throughout MAT 222 will depend upon your mastery of these concepts now.”



Also week 5 homework completed on ALEKS site.


1.) 20w^6 u^7 x^5 and 8w^4 x^2

Find the greatest common factor of these two expressions.



2.) 30u^6 w^9 – 18u w^3 y^7

Factor the following expression


3.) 4- 49x^2



4.) 4v^3 – 5v^2 – 24v + 30

Factor by grouping


5.) Z^2 + 7z + 12



6.) 2x^2 + 3x – 35



7.) 4w^5 – 6w^4 – 18w^3

Factor completely


8.) V^2 – 3v – 28 = 0

Solve for V

If there is more than one solution, separate them with commas.

If there is no solution, click on “No solution.”


9.) 2w^2 – 13w + 16 = ( w – 6) ^2

Solve for W

If there is more than one solution, separate them with commas.


10.) The area of a rectangle is 28yd ^2, and the length of the rectangle is 1yd more than twice the width. Find the dimensions of the rectangle.

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