Mechanical And Electrical Construction

Discussion 1

Respond to the following e-mail.

Dear Project Manager-

As we get closer to starting design on the mixed-use space that will serve as offices and high tech lab space I wanted to touch base about commissioning. I have been reading many success stories and want to be sure that we do everything we can to ensure the building is as efficient as possible over the entire lifecycle. I am not sure I completely understand exactly what commissioning is. Could you explain it to me and make some recommendations on how it would be best implemented to achieve the greatest benefit. Could you also clarify what systems will be involved?

Regards- Owner

Answer Discussion Question 1


Good afternoon Owner,

I hope you are having a magnificent day. According to your question ,in construction, commissioning is the process of evaluating a building to be ready for service. As a quality assurance test, it starts in design and continues through operations. Much like shipbuilding, the process involves a series of documenting, scheduling, and testing processes. In others words a commissioning process may be applied not only to new projects but also to existing units and systems subject to expansion, renovation or revamping. However, Commission has allots of benefits, such as they can assists in the delivery of a project that provides an efficient, safe and healthy facility; optimizes energy use, reduces operating costs, ensures adequate staff orientation and training, and improves installed building systems documentation.

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Dear Owner,

Thank you for reaching out for clarification on this issue. We are committed to doing everything it takes to make this project a success. Commissioning proves through a documented system that the building processes work together harmoniously and meet the owner’s project requirements. For the project at hand, commissioning would be performed on HVAC, chilled water, hot water, steam, piping, and plumbing. We need to ensure that commissioning is considered in the current pre-design stage as it is much simpler to maintain when it is built in from the start. Inspection & Test Reports (ITRs) will be available at project close out for final documentation. Please feel free to respond with any further questions you may have.

Thank you,

Project Manager

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Dear Owner,

To briefly describe what a commissioning report can do, think of it as a set of guidelines to properly check, adjust, balance, and use the mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems that are going to be installed in your mixed-use tenant space. When systems like your lighting controls or HVAC units are installed in your building, a company or person experienced with commissioning reports will make sure that after the installation of these systems, they are functioning and will be used the way they were intended by the design professional and the manufacturers specifications. I highly recommend you hire a design professional that has experience in preparing and applying commissioning reports. The comfort in your building will be vastly improved if the commissioning is done properly. The systems that are involved in the commissioning are your hot water systems, HVAC, controls and lighting.

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