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The MCAT is a multiple-choice, standardized, and computer-based test used in the admission process of medical school for over 90 years. Almost all medical schools in Canada and the United States require MCAT scores; therefore, graduate programs and health professional schools now accept MCAT scores instead of other tests. MCAT exam tests on knowledge and skills that medical students, medical educators, physicians, and residents consider as the critical elements for success in medical practices and medical school.

When can I Take the MCAT Exam?

A candidate should take the exam only when he/she feels ready or prepared. A well-prepared candidate should be comfortable with the introductory part of a science course since they produce the skills and content tested on the exam. Most often, examinees take their tests a year earlier before seeking admission to a medical school. The candidate should consider the likelihood of retaking the exam and how well he/she understands the content. There are testing limits, four times for two years, three times in a year or seven times over a  lifetime where all medical schools will have access to the scores. 

How to Prepare for MCAT

An online tool called “ what’s on the MCAT Exam?’’ outlines all the materials a candidate needs to know in the MCAT exam. The skills and knowledge tested are found in the introduction chapter of physics, biology, sociology, organic chemistry, psychology, and biochemistry learned in the first semester. Medical-related officials and other prehealth officers can offer great sources of information that can help a candidate choose the best courses for exam preparation. National Association of Advisors for the Health Professionals can assist through their volunteer advisors.  A candidate can also learn from review questions or video tutorials created by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, khan academy, and AAMC. The best place preparing involves preparing a study plan, which helps in focusing on organizing and staying on track.

What to Expect on the MCAT?

The MCAT has a combination of sections where subjects test on areas they overlapped and therefore is not independent test. The combined content on the MCAT has four questions, namely; Reasoning skills and critical analysis, the biochemical of living systems, physical foundation systems social-psychological, and physiological behavior.

Reasoning Skills and Analysis

This section contains 53 questions that take 90 minutes to answer. The information necessary to answer questions is available in the passage. It tests on how well a candidate can explain arguments and find inferences after finding the underlying assumptions.

Chemical and Physical Biological Systems

This part combines both the knowledge of physical science and biological sciences. A candidate should understand the mechanisms operating in the body of a human being using basic physical and chemical principles. The section goes beyond testing the physical sciences as a lot of biochemistry appears in this section.

Social, Psychological and Biological Behavior.

This section covers the sociological and psychological context of biology. These subjects are essential in medical education, and therefore they are the newest on the MCAT. This section determines how a candidate can implement statistical principles and research to explain how social and cultural behaviors assess health outcomes. The candidate is required to integrate sociological, psychological, and biological practices and relationships.

Biological and Biochemical of living systems

This part requires a candidate to understand processes that promote lifelike reproducing, growing, and acquiring energy. It is also the study of how organ systems and cells in an organism relate or act independently to accomplish this process. The Bio/Bio chem goes beyond the testing of biological sciences. Therefore there is some general chemistry and organic chemistry in this section.

What if a Candidate cannot Aford the Registration Cost?

The cost of MCAT IS 310 dollars for those who register within the AAMC’s regular registration period but increases when a candidate reschedule or register on a later date. The AAMC understands that charges imposed should not hinder any candidate fro inspiring to be a physician. The cost of using may be higher, and some students cannot afford to apply unless they get financial assistance. The Fee Assistance Program helps such students to achieve their dreams by reducing their registration fee. The FAP also provides free MCAT preparation materials, among other benefits.

When is the MCAT Offered?

The MCAT is administered 25 times a year between January and September, whereas realising of score happens every month from the actual test date. Candidates should register their MCAT exam earlier from the set date to avoid inconveniences as seats fell quickly in a busy period. Early registration also helps a candidate to select priority location, time, and date. Candidates can easily register online via the AAMC.

What Score is a Good MCAT Score?

 A candidate receives five results from MCAT, where one is for each section and another one, which shows total costs mostly ranging from 472 to 528. At times candidates retake their exams after being unsatisfied with their MCAT score. Retakes happens a month later when the reviews are out after the actual dates of the exam. A candidate should confirm with the medical school they wish to apply to their minimum requirements.

How Long does MCAT Take?

The entire exam of MCAT takes a candidate for around seven to eight hours. Each section takes 90 to 95 minutes, a 30-minute main break, and a 10 minutes break, which is optional. A candidate has the privilege of starting the next section of the exam early if he finished the previous part early or if they wish to skip the breaks given. However, the skipped break or time extra time from a section finished first does not add to the timing of the next article.

When are the MCAT Exams Offered?

The MCATexams are administered many times from January to October each year. Majority of the students take their exams between their junior and senior years, which typically happens in the Spring/Summer season.  A student should consider their spring and summer schedule before selecting the exam date. For example, candidates should plan on taking their exams before if they are planning to leave the country to start an internship or in June. MCAT centers are located in Macon, Atlanta, and Augusta. The AAMC already partnered with Pearson to offer MCAT at their testing centers.


The MCAT does not only measure knowledge in organic chemistry, general biochemistry chemistry, physics, sociology, but it also tests reasoning skills and critical analysis. For a candidate to excel and get an excellent MCAT score, he/ she should know how to solve and interpret complex problems. A high MCAT score will have a positive and direct impact on a candidates’medical school application.

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