Medication errors in healthcare field

Like any research project, you will need to write a proposal and have it approved. Basically, my approval serves as your “funding” for this particular research project. This assignment is worth 15% of your overall grade. In Discussion 5, you will be asked to summarize this proposal to share ideas with your classmates, which is an entirely different assignment. This assignment should be 3-4 pages in length. CRITERIA FOR AN ACCEPTABLE TOPIC • Your topic should be relevant to what’s going on in the world today. Check newspaper headlines, news magazine covers, and hot topics on social media. • Your essay will be your attempt to join the conversation rather than simply repeating what others have said on the topic. In other words, it should take the reader beyond the status quo, which is, what people generally feel, think, believe, or know about the topic. • See Argumentative Research Essay assignment for additional criteria. • If you choose a topic that does not fit the above guidelines, the highest you can earn on the rubric in any category is “Mostly Meets Expectations,” which is a 75%. PROPOSAL COMPONENTS – YOU MUST FOLLOW THIS OUTLINE The research proposal should be formatted in MLA style and should contain the following components. (Each component should include a heading.) Introduction and Research Questions Write a paragraph that introduces your proposed topic and proposed audience. Your introduction should include an inquiry question, which is the opening question that will drive your initial research. Typically, this isn’t a question of fact or definition, but one that will lead to evaluation or judgment. Purpose In the past, I have ALWAYS required students choose an argumentative topic. But now I’ve gone all in with the Curious Researcher and allowing you to choose between an exploratory or argumentative topic. This section should include 1-2 paragraphs that clearly explains your research purpose. Thought Narrative Write 1-2 pages the discuss of your thinking about the topic so far. What were your assumptions when you started? Did they change as you explored the topic? Specifically, what did you encounter in your initial research that most influenced those assumptions. In other words, explain what most people already know about your topic (the current status quo) as well as what you already know about your topic. This should also include reasons for your interest in the topic Working Bibliography Include a minimum of four (4) specific sources you may use, with a complete bibliographic MLA format, and a brief explanation of why each source would be useful to your argument. 1. Google your topic, then click on News (as opposed to Web, Maps, Images, etc). Read current stories on the topic to see what fresh angles you can come up with. Find at least one article that presents a current or alternative way of looking at the subject beyond the status quo. 2. Go to the library databases and locate a relevant source from either the CQ Researcher database or the Opposing Viewpoints database. 3. While you’re in the library databases, find a source from another database such as EBSCO, Gale, or Proquest. The Research Proposal is an important step in the research process. You need to construct a clear and concise plan that will guide you through the early stages. Otherwise, you will become frustrated and overwhelmed very quickly.

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