Mentalism And Radical Behaviorism 

In your post answer the following:Discuss the difference between the mentalist’s and the radical behaviorist’s perspectives regarding feelings, states of mind, and unobservable mental events. Is there a special thing called the mind?Provide a recent example of a situation where you were exposed to, or considered, a mentalistic explanation for your own or someone else’s behavior. How could you shift your thinking to a behavior analytic perspective?Attributes of an Exemplary Discussion Contribution or Response:The discussion contribution or response clearly addresses the content issue(s) presented by the question.The discussion contribution or response includes the appropriate level(s) of critical analysis.The discussion contribution or response includes pertinent course and disciplinary concepts, theories, or materials, and applies them correctly.The discussion contribution or response provides validation and support by including relevant examples and supporting evidence, as appropriate.The discussion contribution or response stimulates fellow learners to clarify, extend, and strengthen their dialogue.The discussion contribution or response is concise, clearly organized, and well structured.The discussion contribution or response uses grammar, usage, and mechanics expected of graduate level composition and expression.All citations and references adhere to APA 6th edition style.The discussion contribution or response fosters collaboration with fellow learners and communicates in a manner that respects the dignity and integrity of fellow learners and the instructor.The discussion response meaningfully supplements and extends consideration of the topic by including one of more of the following: new information, questions, constructive or corrective feedback, or alternative viewpoints.

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