Mod 5 HMW





Directions: Please write a two to three paragraph response for each of the following questions.  Be sure to cite any references used.  Please use proper APA citation when using any source including the textbook.  Please visit the Academic Resource Center (ARC) for concise APA guidelines.




1.   Identify a recent example of a corporation accused of false or deceitful advertising.  How did it justify the claims made in its ad?  Do you agree or disagree with the claims?  Explain.




2.   In a few paragraphs, explain your opinion of whether advertising industry requires regulation.




3.   Can you think of an instance when you or someone you know was affected by corporate negligence in terms of product safety standards?  If so, did you communicate the problem to the company?  Did it respond to the complaint?  Characterize the response.  How could or should the company have responded differently?




4.   Do you believe cigarette, cigar, and pipe smoking should be banned from all public places where passive smoking can affect nonsmokers?  Explain.  Use the following (or other) Web sites to argue your position:;;;;




5.   Find a recent article discussing environmental damage caused by a corporation’s activities.  Recommend methods the firm in the article should employ to reduce harmful effects on the environment.




6.   Using LIRN (please visit the ARC for a guide on how to use LIRN successfully), find an article discussing an innovative way in which a corporation is helping the environment.  Explain why the method is innovative and whether you believe the method will really help the environment or will only help the company promote its image as a good citizen.








Directions:Choose one of the following cases, read the case, and then answer the corresponding questions for that particular case.  Please be sure to write at least a one paragraph response for each question.




Case 15 – Facebook’s Beacon: Marketer’s Treasure or User’s Nightmare


Case 16 – Genetic Discrimination




Case 15 – Facebook’s Beacon: Marketer’s Treasure or User’s Nightmare




1.      Why do social networking Web sites appeal to so many people?  What are people gaining and sacrificing by using social networking Web sites?




2.      What ethical issues does Beacon raise for Facebook and its various stakeholders?




3.      Do you support Mark Zuckerberg’s position that Beacon is merely a natural technological extension of word-of-mouth referrals or the Facebook critics’ position that Beacon is an unwarranted commercialized invasion of privacy?  Explain your position.




4.      In your opinion, how, if at all, can the battle between Facebook advertisers and Facebook users be resolved?




Case 16 – Seeking Two Kinds of Green: Richard Branson’s Venture into Biofuels




1.      Do you believe that the production of biofuels is a viable solution for addressing both the world’s energy needs and global warming?  Why or why not?




2.      Does Richard Branson’s approach to tackling global warming issues provide a model that should be emulated?  Explain you answer.




3.      Clearly, Richard Branson believes that addressing global warming can also be a profitable business venture.  In your opinion, must business profitability and success be coupled with solutions to global warming, or can global warming be solved without the constraints imposed by business profitability?


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