Module 7- Writing Discussion

Chapter 5: Provide a framework for leadership and action through mission and values in addition to module 8 readings and resources will help guide this week’s discussions.

Instructions for this Discussion

For this discussion, respond to the following:

Murray in Chapter 5 discusses the need for both “performance” and “purpose” in determining your vision framework. This exercise is a way to help us get very clear in our own minds what it is that we want to achieve and what needs to happen to make that achievement possible. Use the discussion this week to test drive your own mission statement (the inspirational part of the equation). Look at the mission statements for organizations like Walt Disney Parks, Google, Nike, your home institution (academic), or look around online for other examples. Now, what do you want to accomplish? What’s your vision?

If you prefer to write a value or purpose statement, that is fine, too (see forum for more links)

Here are a few links to help supplement Murray’s chapter:

“Vision and Mission Statements–a Roadmap of Where You Want to Go and How to Get There” (ISU)

“Sample Vision, Mission and Purpose Statements” (University of Michigan),vision.pdf

“Crafting Mission and Vision Statements” (University of Minnesota)

Your initial post must be at least 250 words.

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