Moesha Struggles

Please read the following case study in its entirety and address the four (4) questions at the end. Each question/response is worth 25 points. MoeshaMoesha’s father, John, was at his wit’s end. Moesha’s teacher had sent home a note saying that Moesha was misbehaving during reading time – and frankly, John wasn’t surprised. He’d fought enough battles with Moesha at home to know that she would do anything she could to get out of having to read.At first, John hadn’t been too concerned. After all, kids will be kids, and he understood not wanting to do homework – after all, John didn’t like bringing his work home either.But Moesha’s teacher wrote a comment on her report card two weeks earlier that Moesha wasn’t making enough progress in reading and she needed more practice at home. The problem was, when Moesha was supposed to be reading in her room, more often than not, she was making towers and ramps with the books instead.Right after the report card came home, John tried out a reward system to get her reading – every time Moesha read five books, he took her out to McDonald’s, her favorite place to eat. However, she quickly started choosing from her infant brother’s board book collection (the one about shapes only had five words in it total!) in order to read through five books quickly. This was not exactly what John had in mind!Then he tried withholding television until Moesha read a book each afternoon after school. But Moesha put up such a fuss that this quickly became a miserable hour-long daily ritual, usually ending in frustration when John had to give up and make the kids dinner.And now she was giving her teacher a hard time! John thought about getting Moesha a tutor, but he didn’t really know if it would help. What would help, he wondered? What is Moesha struggling with? Please justify your answer with at least two (2) statements from the case study. Provide a reasonable solution to the problem.

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