Movements For Change-The 1960s And Its Legacy


Power Point of Prezi Presentation:

Unit #7   Movements for Change: 1960s

  1. General instructions:
  • Choose one (1) group [African Americans, Women, Native Americans, Mexicans, Gays/Lesbians, and Elderly] that fought for their civil rights during the era of the l960s.
  • Conduct research (textbook, Internet, video, etc.) to obtain data concerning the following: goals, leadership, strategies, methods, outcomes and legacy…now after 50 years.
  • Identify any “unresolved” issues, goals, topics, etc…that are still be addressed in the “public arena”…today.
  • Submit a Power Point presentation that answers the items listed above.
  • Power Point or Prezi presentation: Max 10 slides.  This does NOT include your title page or your bibliography.
  1. Textbook Assignment:


  1. OPEN STAX—pages in final chapters that are relevant to your topic.


  1. Identify 5 additional scholarly sources.


  1. Document each slide if relevant. Either use footnotes or endnotes (at the end of the slide show).


  1. You are required to show evidence from all textbooks/sources.


  1. Read in OPENSTAX text data on the topic of your choice.  Start with topic l945 and continue to the present.  Chapters 29-32.


Remember to use 4 additional scholarly sources.  Use Pocket Guide for correct format for endnotes or footnotes.



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