Movie 12 Angry Men (Sidney Lumet, 1957)

After exploring the movie lists during the time period in 1940-1970, I have come across to a movie, which I appreciate the dialogue, the actors, and the clean edit cuts. The movie I have chosen was 12 Angry Men (Sidney Lumet, 1957). The Director by Sidney Lumet and the Screenplay by Reginald Rose created a beautiful film that displays great character from each of the actors. In my opinion, I believe this film was a great film because of the director who took the time to save money on its revenue, gather great actors for the characters, and adding a sentimental message into the film. By the way, he accomplishes this story was capturing the emotional scenes throughout the film with a single technique, which was the close-up shots of the actors face. I thought the actors played great with their character because if a film that does not have special effects, the acting, and the dialogue would have to play a fantastic role. Which, I believe they did a great job. In addition, the storyline was fascinating from the beginning of the movie that I thought it would be an easy case for everyone to say guilty. However, the leading actor, Henry Fonda played Juror #8. He was the only character who cared for the 18-year-olds’ life. The whole scene was taken place in a room where the Jurors could discuss the situation and the placement of the cameras were well placed.In the film, there were not many edits, such as special edits or visual edits. However, in class, we learned about continuity editing that is maintaining continuity between cuts (Retchless, 2006). The storyline and the edits should be organized with the cutting and focus on one actor to another when there is dialogue

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