Native American History HTY-110HM-OL05


Module 1 Discussion

Answer one of the following questions:

1. Analyze the effects of maize’s introduction into the Misssissippian culture and how does its introduction changed the ways in which the people interacted.

2. What does it mean to be matrilineal and what roles can it play in the political and economics of those tribes (Southwest and Iroquois).


Module 2 Discussion

European settlers reportedly felt superior to the Native Americans they encountered. What was it about the Native Americans that made these settlers feel superior to them? Did the Native Americans feel inferior to these European settlers?


Module 3 Discussion

While there had been many attempts to convert native populations, why do you believe there was a new interest in religion at this time? Also, contrast how Moravian Indian conversion differed from earlier attempts to convert native populations and what did they offer them.

Module 4 Discussion

Describe the removal of Seminole Indians and compare this to the removal of other Indians. What was different about the Seminoles’ situation?

Module 5 Discussion

Respond to one of the following discussion questions:

Deduce what is meant by the sentence, “The willingness of the federal and territorial officials to commit themselves to such an expense, not to mention the cost in lives and property, demonstrated clearly their preferred solution to the ‘Indian problem.’”

How did the Confederacy convince Native Americans to join its side in the Civil War? Should Native Americans have chosen the Confederacy, the Union or neutrality under the circumstances?

Module 6 Discussion

Answer one of the following questions:

1. What did it mean to native populations if they refused Americanization?

2. Did Helen Hunt Jackson’s book “A Century of Dishonor” result in any changes for Native Americans?


Module 7 Discussion

Answer one of the following Discussion questions:

1. Why was it necessary to have a separate Native Americans division of the Civilian Conservation Corps? How did the Indian division differ from the mainstream version?

2. What is tribal sovereignty and why did some tribes believe that Selective Service violated that sovereignty?


Module 8 Discussion

Answer one of the following Discussion questions:

1. Consider why Native Americans staged the takeover at Alcatraz Island and if any gains were made.

2. How has tribal gaming helped Native Americans and the government in states where the casinos exist?