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Final paper

South University

Legislative and Judicial Process | MPA6505 XA

Faculty:  Timothy Smith


In the recent years, the federal government has adopted various strategies to ensure public administration. There have been constitutional amendments as well as legislative reforms that deal with state statutes. The government has revolutionized public administration through the delivery of justice and the enactment of rules and regulations. This paper is a reflective essay on three aspects of public administration that include sources of formal law, state legislation and evolution of state law.

There are several sources of formal law that can be applied in public administration. As learned in the week’s chapter, the constitution is the major organ that acts as a source of laws that govern the citizens of the United States. The constitution contains numerous laws that define the various sectors of the nation. According to Holzer and Schwester (2011), the federal government through the Congress undertakes constitutional amendments to ensure that laws that control the actions of people are enacted.

Through the study of the sources of formal laws, I gained immense cognitive knowledge on fundamental aspects of public administration. Moreover, I am now in a position to define the role of laws in the society and the impact the laws will have in the future generations.

During the week’s study, the content that was taught enabled the learners to improve on their knowledge of public administration. The workload was adequate for that particular period. The knowledge learned about public administration was broken into various stages that allowed the learners to understand each section fully. As the learning continued throughout the week, I was in a position to embrace several strategies that assisted me in enhancing my level of understanding. I carefully studied the various sections of the unit such as legislation and the history of the constitution.


I also learned about the state of legislation in the different states found all over the country. The state legislation undertakes several state statutes that include agriculture, archives, criminal offenses, prisons, hospitals and much more.  For example, the state legislation regulates the activities of healthcare organizations to ensure effective service delivery. The operations of the health professionals such as diagnosis and treatment as well as research are regulated by the state statutes in their respective states (Rubin and Guy, 2015). The knowledge gained from state legislation boosted my understanding of public administration.

Another topic that was comprehensively covered in the week’s study was the evolution of formal laws. I learned how civil and criminal laws have changed during the past Congress and earlier governments. I put a lot of effort to enhance my knowledge through undertaking research on the evolution of formal laws and its role in public administration.

For example, in the healthcare sector in the state of California, there are several activities that have involved public administration. The laws of the state control the activities of the healthcare organizations. The statistics from the healthcare departments shows that a higher percentage of the lawsuits that have been filed against the healthcare sector has been settled using the laws of the land. Moreover, ninety percent of patients believe that efficient public administration has improved the services of healthcare organizations in the state. Besides, there is a relationship between the state and the local government. The local government works closely with the state in the process of delivering justice.

There is sharing of power between the local and the state. The state enacts the law while the local government implements the laws that have been passed. However, the state has more powers than the local government.

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