Need Someone To Do This Memo

hi I need someone to do this memo for me, there is 4 links that u can watch and choose one of them and all the requirements are in the picture

• Pérez Art Museum Miami: Live Virtual Art Talk: George Clinton in Conversation with Franklin Sirmans

Join us for a virtual conversation and studio tour with iconic musical genius George Clinton, of Parliament and Funkadelic Records, and PAMM Director Franklin Sirmans. Clinton will share his studio space and introduce his visual art practice, including the series of work he has created in quarantine over the past six months. Get a firsthand look into the artistic world of the Godfather of Funk himself!

• The Dalí Museum, St. Petersburg: Keeping Culture Alive: Stories from the Diaspora

The Dalí Museum, in conjunction with SPIFFS (St. Petersburg International Folk Fair Society), invites you to a lively panel discussion exploring both the myriad ways and reasons why people remain connected to their home cultures while living in a new country. The panelists will delve into traditions, food, friendships and more.

• Savannah College of Art & Design: Guests and Gusto with Fashion Designer Rahul Mishra

Rahul Mishra is the first Indian designer to show at Paris Haute Couture Week. Praised by the likes of Suzy Menkes and Franca Sozzani, Mishra champions traditional Indian crafts including hand-weaving and embroidery.

• Stella Culinary: S is for Sauce – Culinary Boot Camp Day 2 with Jacob Burton

Introduction to The Five French Mother Sauces, An Overview of Culinary Stocks, Reductions, Purees & Emulsions

• Full Sail University: Art Creation Pipelines for Huge Games Like Borderlands 3

Jacob Christopher discusses the ins and outs of leading an art team during the creation of Borderlands 3. He explains lessons he has learned as a lead, and what Gearbox looks for in new artists.

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