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Assessment Outline:

You work in the Global/Public health sector of state government. The Communicable and Non-communicable Diseases Department is asking for expressions of interest from public health practitioners such as yourself for a strategy/project/initiative/intervention aimed at improving or controlling the spread of communicable disease (Examples: STIs and HIV) or preventing the development  of non-communicable disease (Examples: cardiovascular disease) in your local community (Oman) or globally (any other country).

The funding for this intervention is very broad and can cover clinical services, health education, public health campaigns, health promotion, legislative initiatives or social policy changes. The funding offered is significant and would be enough to establish an impressive health initiative. Many different initiatives are likely to be considered in a broad based approach to the control of Communicable and Non-communicable Diseases.

Devise a strategy/project/intervention to improve global/public health. Write an expression of interest outlining your suggested intervention. This has to be 2500-3000 words long and be of a high academic standard. The assignment should be completed with reference to relevant literature to support arguments and claims. In your response, please make sure the following are addressed:

Title of strategy/project/intervention

Context and environment: short overview of community

Aims and Objectives of Project/ intervention

Background and rationale to type of intervention and why this approach is likely to be successful in controlling Communicable or Non-communicable Diseases. (e.g. clinical services/vaccination program and why this may be helpful or public health education campaign and why this will work). Evidence that it is likely to be effective in achieving its objectives (e.g. use other similar, ideally published, studies as examples). The rationale and need for the intervention (evidence of need) and outcomes is clear and evidence based with adequate background information

Methodology of intervention/Description of the intervention: How would the strategy/intervention work, how it would be implemented. (including evidence or efficacy if not already discussed above). The intervention is feasible and appropriately designed (likely to be able to be implemented)

Plan of how intervention will be evaluated. How could its performance be monitored or evaluated? Evaluation: practical and appropriate


Note: Please discuss your topic with the course coordinator prior to commencing. Also, see the marking guide of your final assignment in Appendix 2

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