1. How would you describe Creon, using a few adjectives or phrases? (Consider especially his self-defense speech against Oedipus’s accusations.) 2. What detail does Jocasta offer Oedipus about Laius’s death, a reason why Oedipus should “take no heed” of oracles? How did she and the slain king think they had outwitted fate? 3. Who does Oedipus think his parents are? (Just give their names.) 4. At what moment in the play do you think Oedipus starts to suspect the truth about himself and what he has done? (Give the line, if possible, and the quote.) 5. According to Professor Johnston’s lecture, how is Oedipus’ defiance central to his heroic nature? 6. Your question is this: is there any character you relate to, and why? (Please don’t say ‘No’ unless you give a detailed answer. You need to have something to say

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