One Page Video Response Paper

2021/1/23 Outside Seminar Paper 1/3

Outside Seminar Paper

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1. Outside Seminar Paper Assignment Details The objective of this assignment is to have you engage with environmental ideas being discussed outside of our class. To complete this assignment, you must do one of the following activities and then write a one-page paper discussing the content of the presentation or film through the lens of our course

Option 1) Attend a seminar with Dave or Eli

Watch Dave give a talk on his recent book: Growing A Revolution: ( v=FZ22IV2tDvs) Join ELI – Live WEDNESDAY at 7PM to learn about regenerative farm practice on a working organic farm. Here is the Zoom Link to the Recording ( PdpOfW4xOs7oIf_DkV4b5.wm7uXKd2w-D4BvUq) !

Option 2) Watch an environmental film/documentary and reflect on it through the lens of our course. Examples of appropriate environmental films are as follows: Gasland, Chasing Ice, More than Honey, After the Spill, Before the Flood, Chasing Coral, Forks over Knives, Damnation, Gather (ELI RECOMMENDS THIS!!). The film/documentary must be 40 minutes or longer and produced within the last decade (since 2010). Review the structural requirements for discussion ideas.

Option 3) Attend an academic presentation on an environmental topic, either virtually or in person (if your community is holding events and you feel safe attending one). The lecture cannot be a lecture from a class at UW, must be 40 minutes or longer, and must be produced within the last decade (since 2010) . What are you interested in? You can certainly find a lecture online.

2. Structural Requirements In your paper, please first describe the following information: (1) who spoke/directed, (2) the title of the lecture/film, (3) the location of the lecture/film, (4) the group sponsoring the talk/film, and (5) briefly summarize the main content.

Then, please discuss and analyze the lecture/film, including your opinion of it (e.g. do you agree with the presenter? Was the presentation well delivered? What did you learn?), and your analysis of why you



2021/1/23 Outside Seminar Paper 2/3

think those things? Specifically, you need to make two connections to material you are learning in Environment 100.

Your one page paper should have 1.5″ spacing and 1″ margins with Times New Roman font and 12 pt font size. Because concise writing is an important skill to develop, you must not write more than one page (we will only grade the first page).

Please refer to the grading rubric below for the evaluation criteria of this paper.

You must upload your paper as a word document. If you do not have Microsoft Word, this program is free to UW students and can be downloaded here: for-uw-students/ ( proplus-for-uw-students/)

3. Academic Integrity/ Plagiarism Detection Check Academic Integrity page to make sure that your paper does not violate any plagiarism policies set by the University.

We use “SimCheck” by Turnitin to detect plagiarism in assignments. SimCheck is a web-based system that allows student papers to be submitted and checked for plagiarism. SimCheck compares student papers with sources available on the Internet, select commercial article databases, and papers submitted at UW or other institutions using Turnitin. This is also a tool for you. When you submit your paper online, you will see your SimCheck”similarity score.” This score tells you how much of your paper is similar to other sources. If your score is more than 10%, you may have used someone else’s words without properly citing them. You can use SimCheck to see why the score is high – to see portions of your paper that may have been found somewhere else.

In order for SimCheck to correctly generate a similarity percentage report, please use the subheading “Works Cited” or “References” before your list of sources, so that section will not be screened.

If you turn in a paper with a similarity score higher than 10% and want to correct it, email your TA immediately and let them know. Then make the necessary changes and re-submit as soon as possible. If you do not correct the problem, you will be reported to the committee on academic misconduct. You can read more about the software on the UW IT Connect webpage ( .

You will be reported to the committee on academic misconduct for violations of academic integrity. If the committee finds you guilty, you will receive a zero on the exam or have the opportunity to re-write the paper for up to 50% possible points.


2021/1/23 Outside Seminar Paper 3/3

Total Points: 70

Outside Seminar Rubric AU 2020

Criteria Ratings Pts

20 pts

25 pts

25 pts

Writing Quality

20 pts Strong Work

The organization of paragraphs and sentences within the paragraphs is logical. There are few grammatical errors. Writing flows naturally and follows the assignment description. Student meets 1 page limit and follows proper spacing, margins, and font size.

17 pts Good Work

Just shy of outstanding! Pay attention to details in the work of writing.

10 pts Needs Work

Significant grammar or organizational issues. Spend more time in the drafting and revision phase of writing.

5 pts Needs a lot of work

Difficult to understand. The writing challenges obscure the main points.

0 pts No Credit

Film, Conversation or Lecture Content

25 pts Strong Work

Student understands the topic of the lecture, film, or discussion. Identifies the title and speaker for a lecture, the title and producer for a film, or the names of students in conversation.

20 pts Good Work

Student understands the topic of the lecture, film, or discussion but some of the required details are missing.

15 pts Needs Work

Main ideas of the lecture, film, or discussion are not clear or inaccurate.

0 pts No Credit

No information on title, speaker, producer, or main ideas is included.

Discussion and analysis

25 pts Outstanding Reflection.

Shares opinion about the lecture, conversation, or film backs that opinion with facts or reflection and makes connections to our class.

20 pts Good Reflection

This would be richer with more reflection and connections to our course, but a strong beginning.

15 pts Needs Work

It is difficult to identify the opinion of the author. There is little to no reflection on the lecture/film/conversation.

0 pts No Credit

Does not include any discussion or analysis

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