Opinion/Reaction Paper For Psychology

WHich Sense in the body Dominates?

Write a one page opinion/research paper on the topic listed below. The assignment is due in on the submission button/page in this assignment page by Thursday at 11:59pm. Be prepared to discuss this topic in class and defend your thoughts and opinions. This assignment is worth 10 points. You will have ONLY one (1) attempt to submit this assignment so make sure you do it right. No papers will be accepted after the due date.Topic: Which of the five different humans senses dominates the psychological effects and aspects of people? Why does this or these sense(s) dominate?You may need to do a little more research in the five different senses of the human body.



Running Head: HUMAN SENSES 1






















The human body has a nervous system that is usually connected to the external environment with the help of sense organs. There are five basic senses; smell, sound, touch, taste, and sight. Each sense has a detection system that aid in getting information from the environment (Banes & Lepecki, 2017). With the aid of bones and fluid in the ear, sound signals are received when sound waves are transformed. On the other hand, the skin has special receptors that help the brain receive touch signals. When it comes to smell, the nose aids in inhaling chemicals, and the brain interprets a smell with the help of signals. Conversely, the tongue has papillae containing taste buds, whereas, the eyes have receptors that convert light to form image signals. The brain receives and interprets all inputs in the most appropriate way.

Psychologically, sight has a more dominant effect. This is because 80% of our impressions are perceived with the help of our sight. Perhaps, in the case where other senses cease from working, the best sense that can offer protection towards danger is the sight (Geldard, et al 2015). For example, when a person gets to see an approaching car, the brain quickly responds by interpreting that the person should step aside for his or her safety. The human eyes collect information with the help of numerous components. Through sight, we can get a vision which is the process of developing meaning from anything we see. Through a vision, we can act and respond to what we see. We can either respond through intellectual understanding or by using our muscles. In conclusion, our minds are kept sharp with the help of sight and vision. Sight and vision aids in connecting with the world and one can make quick assessments of the different situations that arise.




Banes, S., & Lepecki, A. (Eds.). (2017). The senses in performance. Routledge.

Geldard, F. A., O’Hehir, R., & Gavens, D. (2015). The human senses (p. 59). New York: Wiley.

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