NoJax, Inc. Conflict

Allyson M. Rush

Rasmussen College

November 10th, 2017


Constraints in NoJax Inc.’s structure that may hinder effective decision making include the excessive centralization. The fact that there are many levels through which decisions have to go through before they are approved can hinder efficiency and may slow down business operations. The company can make decisions more effectively by creating a conducive environment in which all staff members are involved. This can be achieved through adopting a more decentralized approach that does not involve decisions going through many levels of approval (Robbins & Judge, 2017). This also include adopting a collaborative approach in the planning stage to ensure that decisions made are of high quality and acceptable to the employees.

Elements of negotiation that can be used to reduce potential conflict include communication and interest. Effective communication is essential for the conflicting parties to achieve consensus. Interests are critical given the importance of considering the concerns of the conflicting parties in resolving conflicting (Robbins & Judge, 2017). A technique of negotiation that can be applied is the integrative bargaining technique. This technique can help solve conflicts in a manner that benefits all the conflicting parties.

The steps in conflict management that NoJax should use in addressing issues that they encounter include the identification of the source of the conflict. This will enable management to clarify the disagreement and get to the heart of the conflict. The other important step will be the identification of a common outcome for the conflicting parties. This will be followed by identifying solutions that can help the warring parties to meet the common outcome. It is also important that the barriers to this outcome are identified and mitigated. This will ensure that the parties arrive at an agreement that resolves the conflict.

References Robbins, S., & Judge, T. (2017). Essentials of organizational behavior. Boston : Pearson Education.

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