Organizational Structure

In the fictional and previously crime-free province of “Saskaltaman,” overnight crime and disorder appeared such that a correctional system was required to house up to 1000 offenders in secure custody. Prior to this, the only government position in existence was that of premier of the province. Saskaltaman consists of three distinct geographic separations, with approximately 330 offenders in each distinct location. Your assignment is to present a written proposal to the premier outlining an organizational structure you would create to address the need. Your proposal should include reporting structures, primary program areas and the flow of responsibilities from the premier to the corrections worker at the institutional level. You may find it helpful to organize your paper by subheadings, such as ‘Management Structures’, ‘Security’, ‘Case Management’, ‘Programs’, ‘Community Corrections’, etc. Subheadings are not required but may help you to keep your paper organized. If you choose to use subheadings, you can use whatever titles you choose, you are not required to use the ones mentioned above. You MUST create and attach an organizational chart, though the focus remains on the provision of a written rationale for your recommendations. Samples and/or templates of organizational charts can be “googled” online. If you have a newer version of Microsoft Word, you can also use the SmartArt feature to develop an org. chart. If you have any questions related to this task, be sure to contact your instructor for clarity. Ensure you follow the guidelines for formal essays and papers referenced in the Course Resources section of this course. You must follow APA guidelines for this paper, including formatting, in-text citations, and reference list. Essay length: 3 – 5 pages, cover page not included. Minimum of 3 sources required.

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