Our Founding Fathers

General Instructions – Replies

Select 2 of your classmates’ threads and interact with the thoughts and ideas. The content of your reply must reflect an excellent knowledge of the reading assignments and must interact with both the thread and the reading assignments. Your replies must also expand on the thread and relate issues to Scripture, biblical principles, and pertinent personal experience. Each reply must meet the required word count of 200 words, contain at least 1 reference  Finally, each reply must provide citations to the sources of, or support for, your ideas as well as any quoted materials and/or borrowed ideas.

When writing the constitution, our founding fathers warned us of mob rule. The issue with this is the untrained citizen from Plato’s point of view could have a harder time figuring out who the Mob rule is. From our reading and my understanding of this topic, the differences of evolution begin with Plato. Plato theorized and taught that we are all social creatures and each one of us requires assistance from other people in our group in order for us to survive and thrive in our society. Socrates in our society believed that thinking on our ow was the best way to run a society, this would ensure that people would have their own ideas and not be taken over by a corrupt form of government. The ideas of Thomas Jefferson and John Locke, ideas come directly from the idea of Socrates. The teachings of all people such as Socrates and Aristotle have had a major impact on our founding fathers and the way the government is being run to this day.

The Main differences with evolution stimmed from Plato because he only advocated for his version while John Locke wanted more life, liberty, and the right to private property. As stated in Dooley, “Thomas Hobbes saw the purpose of government as a form of security, wanting a authoritarian rule” (Dooley, 2014, 3-3A). The biggest difference here is that modern philosophers believe that each individual should play a role in the government while Plato and Socrates believed that the only one who should govern should be individual philosophers. Hobbes saw political power as a way to halt/stop political warfare but this would be hard because Hobbes also considered people naturally evil.

When it comes to similarities, limited government is the best way to rule because “Limited government allows us to remain as close to our as close to are original natural state as possible is the best form of government” (Dooley, 3-5A). Some key similarities are combining different system of governments into one. The framers wanted the government to be check and approved by the majority and to have the self-interest of the majority within them. Some power and justice are crucial when it comes to forming a self-sustained government that does not take away to many rights from the people.

From a Christian worldview, I believe that it is important to have both evaluations. We must take way some ideas from ancients such as to think for ourselves because this is important when it comes to having leadership because this will keep us away from Mob rule. From the modern theorist point of view, our natural rights are most important and a small government should be put in place to protect those natural rights and also protect our liberty.

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