P 8/10 Kim Woods Only

Each one is 350 or more words




First, review the Nissen (2014) article. Choose one of the articles listed in the bibliography of the Nissen (2014). Go to the Library and find that article. Read, reflect upon, and evaluate the information shared in the article. Be sure to address the following in your response:


· Which article did you choose, and why?

· What type of journal article did you read?

· What did the authors discuss in the article?

· How does the information in the article apply to intervention, prevention, and/or treatment within a particular population?


Next, consider the career opportunities for both addictions and forensic psychology professionals. Review options that require a master’s degree in either of these specializations. Choose the career option that you find most interesting, and explore it. Describe the career option in your post. Be sure to address the following:


· What career option did you choose, and why?

· Where would someone in this career role work?

· What types of professional activities does someone perform in this role?

· What requirements must a person meet to pursue this career option?






First, explain whether you are required to obtain a license or certification to practice in your field at the state and/or national levels. If you are required to obtain these credentials, what requirements must you fulfill to do so? Please make sure to include the website for the licensing or credentialing agency in your post.

If you are not required to obtain a license or certification, what next steps will you take after graduating?


Next, describe your career goals. Be sure to address the following:

· What does your intended career path look like?

· What type of employment setting interests you (e.g. government, school, private practice, consulting firm, residential facility, etc…)?

· What are some specific accomplishments you wish to make at some point during your career? These may be one time events or achievements that take a career to reach. For example, perhaps you wish to make a particular type of impact on those you serve, teach at a university, write a book, serve on a Board of Directors, etc…




Review the student clubs and organizations available for you at PG. You can find a list of student organizations here:




Describe the PG club or organization that most interests you. Be sure to address the following:


· Why are you interested in this club or organization?

· What must you do to join?

· Outside of PG, what other professional organizations would you like to join? Why?

Next, reflect on your experience in this course. Be sure to address the following:

· Which course activities and assignments were most helpful for you? Why?

· How has this course helped you grow personally and professionally?

· What changes would you make to the course or the course curriculum?

· What is one way that you will use the information learned in this course to help you succeed?

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