Paper #1 & Paper #2 2x 250 Main Discussion Essay Due 11/15; Two (2)Scholarly Sources For Each

Paper #1

  • Television news reporting on possible officer corruption.


  1. Discuss the implications of possible officer corruption in this incident. How does Brady v. Maryland enter into this case? How might the police handle this incident? How has CompStat changed policing today? What has remained the same?
  2. What are the benefits and drawbacks of the centralized and decentralized models of state law enforcement?  Which would you choose and why?

Paper #2


“Gloucester County (New Jersey) Police Academy”

  • Gloucester County Police Academy


Discuss what this video shows about a police academy. Do the tasks appear to be job related? What must be done to prepare you for an academy?

What-If Scenario

  1. Your department has embraced the philosophy of community policing. You are expected to be more “community oriented” in your policing activities. While on patrol you see some young kids vandalizing a vacant property. What would you do?
  2. Is there such a thing as a police culture?
  3. How are law enforcement agencies addressing the issue of family and conflicts between personal and professional demands of law enforcement?


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