Pareto Frontier And Design Option

Consider the sensor system describe. Suppose that the cost of the each of the designs is:

Design 1 $25.16
Design 2 $25.25
Design 3 $37.58
Design 4 $32.96
Design 5 $37.00
Design 6 $43.64
Design 7 $42.98

a. Develop a Pareto Frontier Diagram that plots the DOs in terms of the net technical performance (found in Lecture 1.9) vs. cost. Be sure to label the axes and data points.

b. Identify the Pareto Frontier/Set of DOs.

c. Develop a new MAVF for the DOs in which the attributes are net performance and cost.

i. Find the weight coefficients for each attribute assuming the customer weighs the technical performance as 100 and cost as 80.

ii. Write down expressions for the single attribute value functions and the total value function.

d. Identify the “Best Design Option” and explain your answer.

e. Suppose that the uncertainty in the performance value is +/- 0.05  and the uncertainty in each cost value is +/-20% and the uncertainty in the customer “Ranking” for Cost is +/-20. Perform a sensitivity analysis on the “Best Option” from part d.

i. Develop a Tornado Diagram Table and a Tornado Diagram.

ii. What can you conclude from this?

f. What design would you recommend? Why? What caveats should go with this?

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