Patient Engagement in Decreasing Medication Wastage

Write 6 pages with APA style on Patient Engagement in Decreasing Medication Wastage as SOPD. Managing health programs is very essential if the nation has to remain healthy. Medical experts argue that officials in the health care field have often failed to acknowledge series of problems in the sector thus influencing the overall service delivery in the sector. The intention of this paper is to discuss how to engage patients in decreasing medication wastage at SODH. Medical experts have observed that patient adherence to medication is principal factor in management of chronic illnesses. Considering a case of asthma medication, experts allude that regimens response is not impressive, sitting a non-adherence at a rate of 30 to 70 percent (Fincham, 2007). It is apparent that this observation has an impact on the rate of service delivery because it increases the cost of care treatment along side other costs. Apparently, arguing from management perspective, appropriate measures should seek to reduce the cost while increasing the rate of response to medication. Generally, factors that influence a reduction in drug wastage would influence the cost of treatment. This is a positive response to the problem because it aims at projecting a positive response in the sector. Other factors include distribution strategy, drug selection method among other factors that aim at projecting a positive change in the sector (Colbert, 2007).

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