Personal health record evaluation report

Report: PHR evaluation (individual assignment, 50 points) We learned Personal Health Records (PHR) in chapter 3. In this assignment, you need to evaluate a PHR at WebMD ( by creating an account, entering your own health records (Can be made up), and writing a report. Your report needs to 1. (1) Provide a summary of major functionalities of WebMD PHR and comment on the usability of those functionalities (0.5 to 1 page). 2. (2) Identify three aspects in which a PHR could benefit patients and improve the quality of care. (Please use examples from WebMD PHR and include screenshots to support your argument.) To protect your privacy, you don’t need to enter real data before taking a screenshot (1 to 2 pages, screenshot included). 3) Despite the benefits of PHR and its potential to transform health care delivery, the adoption rate of PHR is still low and some PHR products/services were not successful. For example, Google and Microsoft have shut down their PHR products ( and Based on your experience of using WebMD PHR, please make recommendations on how PHR could be further improved to attract more users and have a broader impact (0.5 to 1 page). Formats •2-3 pages in length (single spaced, 12 font); references list is excluded from the page count. •

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