Personal-Situation Interactions

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Personal-Situation Interactions. Different theories contribute significantly in the development of an individual personality. The paper will basically compare two theories which are the person-centered theory and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The second step will be to discuss Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and the extent to which growth needs influence personality formation. The main components of person-centered theory will be effectively outlined and how they contribute to personality development. Lastly, the presentation will identify which between the two theories I relate to most.

Person Centered Theory

Person centered theory according to Rodgers represents an orientation to education and therapy that focuses on the experience of the student or client as opposed to the teacher or therapist. Moreover, Rogers did not focus on stable individual differences. Rogers stated that individuals do differ in their level of development. In addition, they are also different in the conditions they perceive must be met for purposes of being approved by others.

The person centered theory developed by Rodgers demonstrates that groups and individual therapy results in progress through functioning stages. Evidently, this results in greater openness to choice, the present and feelings. Rodgers however failed to consider biological factors, though his actualizing process is usually based on a biological metaphor. The person-centered approach normally has implications for society development, including group conflict, marriage and education. Children become alienated from growth forces within them if raised with conditions of worth.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs on the other hand recognize that individuals do differ in their position depending on their needs. Only a few individuals reach the highest developmental stage which is usually self-actualization. The changes in any settings can be made to foster happiness and healthy development. This theory also proposes that the basic needs of children should always be met for purposes of facilitating growth. It is therefore evident that the two theories help in developing the knowledge on self-actualization. Rodgers mainly looked at self-actualization in terms of a fully functioning person. Rodgers theorized that the goal or existence is to maintain and enhance life which is in line with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

What Is Personality?

Personal-Situation Interactions

The Growth Need

The growth need to a large extent influence personality formation according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It is evident that biological motivations forms the foundation of personality. Needs become unimportant immediately after satisfied. Once the need is satisfied, it become unimportant. In the physiological or basic needs, individuals seeks to satisfy their basic needs and therefore their personality is usually shaped on how to get these needs.

In the second stage, individual’s personality is usually based on their desire for security and safety. During third phase, individuals move to belongingness stage. Desire for love and acceptance shape their personality. The next stage is that of esteem needs. Seeking achievement and recognition shape the personality of individuals at this stage.

Individual’s verge of meeting the cognitive needs forms the next stage of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Individual’s personality in this stage is that which seek to explore the world around them through the attainment of knowledge. In the next stage, individual’s need to seek beauty and inspiration from the natural surroundings shape their personality . The last stage is self-actualization. In this stage, an individual verge of helping others achieve the states of transcendence shape their personality.

Components of Person-Centered Theory

The main components of person-centered theory which contributes to personality development include the self, self-actualizing tendency, organismic valuing process, positive self-regard, conditions of worth and incongruity. Rogers believed that the concept of self is there when a child is born. It represents a social product which develops out of interpersonal relationship and which strive for consistency. Rodgers also emphasized on the self-actualization concept which implies that there is a biological and internal force to develop the capacities of individuals as well as in developing their talents to the fullest.

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Organismic Valuing Process

The organismic valuing process is another component which tends to draw individual toward experiences which are growth producing and inhibiting them from those which limits growth. Positive regard represents the perception of an individual of some self-experience of another. Obviously, this leads to a positive difference in an individual’s field of experience.

For proper growth of an individual, one should be aware of the self-need for positive regard. The need for positive self-regard results in selective perception of experience in terms of the conditions of worth made by others. A condition of worth usually develop in instances where an individual behavior is evaluated as worthy of self-regard by others. Incongruity represents the gap which exist between the ideal self and the real self.

The theory which mostly relates to me is the Maslow hierarchy of needs. I usually focus on achieving the basic needs before meeting the higher needs. This theory acts as a motivation towards reaching certain targets in my life. The basic needs supersede the security and safety needs. Evidently, the esteem and social needs follows these needs. It is therefore evident that I tend to lean more on the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as opposed to Rodgers’ person centered theory.

Person-Situation Interaction


In conclusion, there are several traits which are evidently similar in both theories. Besides, The Maslow’s hierarchy of needs plays a significant role in influencing personality growth as one moves up the hierarchy. There are several components which contribute to personality development as evidently presented in the paper. Evidently, looking at the two theories, it is evident that the Maslow hierarchy of needs plays an important role in influencing my personality.

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