Personal Values and Beliefs

Several values and spiritual belief guide me in my profession. Values can simply be defined as an individual set of beliefs and attitudes in relation to a given set of behavior, thought or object (Callara, 2012). They are normally action oriented and they tend to give a meaning to a persons’ life. Many consider them as a starting point for both ethics and morality. On the other hand, health policy are plans, actions, and decisions undertaken in order to achieve health care goals within a community (Benjamin & Curtis, 2011).

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A person’s value originates or seem to develop over lifetime. The concepts of morals, values and ethics can be seen to be interlinked. They define how human treats one another. It is expected that we should strive to make sure that we treat each other well in order to promote mutual welfare, creativity and growth.

My personal values are responsibility, honesty and intelligence. Honesty has been inculcated in me through my spiritual belief whereas responsibility and intelligence have been developed through extensive training. These are the personal beliefs I value most. My spiritual belief revolve around a spiritual being who is the sole giver of life and supreme as compared to the humans. Solely, He therefore determines the sanctity of life and hence only He alone has the responsibility of taking it away.

It is my strong convictions therefore that we should strive to offer quality healthcare services at an affordable price. The health care provider while maintaining a close relationship with the patient should do this. That is the belief enshrined in the America health care policy (DeNisco & Barker, 2016). Through the enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the American people are realizing the provision of quality affordable and care. Moreover, patient safety measures have been developed to ensure that the health of the patients is greatly protected. Furthermore, policies have developed to discourage the mercy killings and hence ensuring that the sanctity of life is left to Supreme Being.

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Personal Values and Beliefs

There are several ethical principles, which are seen to be in line with my personal beliefs and values. We have the principle of nonmaleficence, which serve to guide nurses against causing injury or suffering to their patients. The principle of beneficence makes it a core principle of the nurses to do well and to have compassion to the patients. The autonomy principle also ensures that decision made by the patients are respected. The principle of justice, which ensures that all patients are treated equally and fairly.

Responsibility being one of my core value will make me ensures justice is practiced in all aspects. In addition, the principle of fidelity is enshrined in what I believe in. this ensures that the nurses keep patients’ information confidential and this can be done through being honest both with yourself and the patient. By believing in the patients interest being always safeguarded, the principle of totality and integrity is maintained (Hitchcock, Schubert, & Thomas, 2013).

Several factors have led to my current perspective on the health policy. First, my religious doctrine inculcated some virtues such as honesty in me. The religion guides on why integrity should be incorporated in our everyday life. My professional experiences, education, and skills have inculcated intelligence. This has been made possible through years of training in my relevant field. My own personal convictions on the existing issues arising from the patient safety inculcated my personal belief on responsibility.

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I strongly believe that patients should be treated in such a manner to ensure that their safety is safeguarded. Moreover, I support the policies regarding holding the nurses responsible for any carelessness that may cause injury to the patient. Negligence therefore should greatly be discouraged. Besides, responsibility was inculcated in my upbringing where we were made responsible to our young ones. All the health care community and stakeholders should therefore be responsible.

Several inconsistencies that are existing in our health policy are not in alignment with my personal values. The policy supporting mercy killings, are gaining support from several quotas (Stein-Parbury, 2013). This is against my personal belief where the giver of life is solely responsible for taking it away. In addition, I do not believe on policies giving the patient a right to determine whether to end their life or not. Furthermore, there are policies, which have been developed which mainly tends to safeguard the nurses against negligence in their offering of services.

Every nurses should be responsible for any harm caused to the patient, which was done intentionally, or through a bad motive. Besides, patient safety measures have not been properly enforced in our country.

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The insight, which the above has given me, is wide. First, I have been able to understand the reasons behind some states endorsing mercy killing while others do not. Moreover, I have an in-depth knowledge on policies that safeguarded the quality of healthcare in America. In addition, I have understood the different measures that can be applied by the government to make sure that affordable care is guaranteed to its citizen.


In conclusion, therefore, it may be argued that not every value is beneficial. In addition, nurses acts best according to the values they have selected.  Nurses are one of the health care providers who should give services to their clients based on ethical issues. Ethical knowledge is therefore critical in their functioning to ensure proper and safe provision of services. Besides, it is the responsibility of nurses to ensure that they uphold safe care to their clients and patients. It is hence evident that ethical values is inseparable component of the community.

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