Peter Singer The Life You Can Save

The paper needs to discuss Peter Singer’s arguments. The paper should be a standard five paragraph argumentative essay(no more and no less than five paragraphs), which means an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The thesis statement requirement: the last sentence of the introduction should be the complete thesis statement that clearly states your point of view. The topic sentence requirement: the first sentence of each body paragraph should act as a topic sentence and state the philosophical idea being analyzed. The paper should be organized in the following way: First paragraph: background and introductory material, any terms that need to be defined, and thesis statement Second paragraph: first argument in support of the claim in the thesis statement Third paragraph: second argument in support of the claim in the thesis statement Fourth paragraph: an articulation of a contrary point of view immediately followed by the student’s careful and thorough rebuttal. Fifth paragraph: conclusion, review of main points

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