Pharmacological and Non -Pharmacological Interventions

The group project research paper must have a minimum of 1000 words – main body (does not include the title page, abstract, or reference pages) (minimum 3 pages – maximum 5 pages. Times New Roman, Size 12, and minimum 4 references about that topic (2 of them most be research articles). The criteria exposed in your paperwork must be exclusively based on peer reviewed article, and I will be very fussy in confirming the reliability of your statements. A formal paper using APA format according to Publication Manual American Psychological Association (APA) (6th ed.).2009 ISBN: 978-1-4338-0561-5 will be submitted via Assignment Submission. This paperwork must be submitted on week #14 (August 9).Question Guide: The paper should include the following:  What is Osteoporosis – Etiology / Risk factors Signs and Symptoms Reducing Osteoporosis – Related Risk and Injury Scope of the problem -Statistics / Cost Research studies (Osteoporosis) (mention at least 2) Nursing interventions (pharmacological and non -pharmacological interventionsGrading Criteria: What is Osteoporosis – Etiology / Risk factors – 12 points Signs and Symptoms – 10 points Reducing Osteoporosis – Related Risk and Injury – 12 points Scope of the problem -Statistics / Cost – 11 pointsResearch studies (Osteoporosis) (mention at least 2) – 15 points Nursing interventions (pharmacological and non -pharmacological inter References: At least 4 reference sources – 2 of them most be research articles – 15 points APA style – 15 pointsAbstractNursing interventions (pharmacological and non -pharmacological interventions) (Osteoporosis) (mention at least 2) no Plagiarism 

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