Philosophy Discussion Forum Question

Rules of engagement:

  • answer the question
  • write a minimum of 500 words
  • do not attack a person’s answer
  • no profanity or bullying
  • be specific
  • cite the sources systematically
  • the content of your philosophical assessment is essential

Context: Philosophical Assessment of Love



You are required to:

Part 1:

a)      Clearly lay out the significant points about love indicated in the “Before Trilogy: Love Over Time.”

b)      Clearly lay out the significant aspects about love in the article, “Love as Valuing a Relationship.”

c)       Compare and contrast the articulations in a substantive manner.

d)      Fold in a personal experience that helped you transcend your individualistic perspective of love

Part 2: Select one of your peer’s responses and reply to his/her/their post.

a)      In replying to your peer, avoid simply saying, “I like what you said.”

b)      Instead, point out some essential aspects related to the philosophical assessment of your peer’s post.

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