Planning Your Presentation

Due: August 10,2021
Planning Your Presentation
Reviewing the “Planning a Presentation” web link below and then begin the assignment.

Part One
As you approach your next assignment for this course, it is important to think about your strategy for making your presentation to stakeholders. Your goal is to make the decision process easier and more efficient for those stakeholders.
Review the Planning a Presentation graphic from the HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations and think about how you will address each aspect of the presentation-development process. In one to two paragraphs, focus on the conceiving and visualizing segments and address the following:
How are you going to craft your story with your audience in mind?
How are you going to illustrate your story and stay relevant?

Part Two
Address the following:
What suggestions can you make about your peers’ strategies for their presentations to help engage the stakeholders in the conversation? How would you suggest addressing questions, comments, and general feedback?

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