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Quesadra D. Goodrum

Class Discussion2 Phase 1

Colorado Technical University

Professor: Edmund Winters



If your company was to do business in your chosen country, what kind of social hierarchies and social interactions should you be aware of?

Their social hierarchies rule often every aspect of both family and business life in their country. China hierarchical is either society or business are based on strict observation of rank.

These social ranking are priority whereas your ranking in the business plays a subordinate role. Organization heads will enter the meeting room in ranked order both in social and organizational rankings. They are a very conscious people when it comes to roles and rankings. In China, the highest-ranking person will lead all negotiations and will direct all of the discussion during the meeting (father figure/authoritarian). I would target any social media forum such as media applications, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other online mass media forums. Since we are in the age of the technological era I would target products that I know everyone has.


What kind of management style would you use to be most effective given the cultural attributes of the country?


There are a myriad of cultural attributes at work here. Each one plays its very own significant role in the management structure. “Asian management style flows with Confucian philosophy in all cases (Staff writter, 2014).” What I mean by this is that the relationships formed are unequal and no matter as to whom holds what position the younger must always show the up most respect to the elder. This is the case even if the senior is a subordinate. “The cultural ethical behavior demands that these inequalities need to be respected (Staff writter, 2014).”

Often women stay home and take care of the family because the man is supposed to be the provider. These family social ranking hold true in business for them as well. The father husband leads and guides his family in the direction he believes they should travel. Much like the head of the company when doing business provides the vision for the employees to follow (M.U.S.E, 2014). Yet in taking an authoritative approach you also, must assume that responsibility as well. There are more benefits to this approach than drawbacks. You can encourage your employees on their performance, sit in when needed, and delegate what needs to be done and how, and promote from within due to what you have observed (M.U.S.E, 2014).

How would you overcome the barriers to communication?

Chinese culture tends to be seen and recognized as having a tough negotiating style. People from other cultural backgrounds, especially from the West, often find the behavior of Chinese negotiators strange and unintelligible (Zhu, 2014). This is why much attention is given to studying the Chinese negotiation style. So I would tend to research and look at prior communications with the Chinese. Find out what communication channels and body language worked verses what did not. I would then model my approach using all of the positive aspect that had great outcomes (M.U.S.E, 2014).

Do you agree with the saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” when it comes to doing business with another country?  


To overcome the barriers of communication I would have a diverse population for my employees. This is to ensure that I can keep pace in my industry when dealing with other cultures and countries. That is why the saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” is so true, but also a little misguided. Let me give you an example. I think that one should do enough to respect the other negotiating country/culture; without compromising one’s own belief and countries business ethics. I think that more companies get compromised ethically when their arbitration and dealing and foreign countries goes array and negotiators are ethically compromised trying to close the deal (Zhu, 2014).

For instance, China is highly masculine (high MAS Index) in family values as well as in business. Meaning, I cannot send a woman to represent my company to promote business with China because she is not a man. In China, you must be the head of your household (father figure, authoritarian) figure and look them directly in the eye when speaking. I believe there are limits and levels of mutual respect when it comes to communication across cultural barriers (Staff writter, 2014).



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