Political Class


Write an essay of 1200 words explaining: “What freedom and democracy mean to you”. The scenery is a Cuban student  who left Cuba because in Cuba there is no democracy and freedom. This student was victim of the CASTRO GOVERNMENT. THIS GIRL WAS AN EXCELLENT STUDENT. She studied in a military school in Guantanamo called Camilo Cienfuegos Military School, and she graduated from there. She was selected the best student in her school , and when she graduated , she started to study medicine in the military field. After two years that she was studying in the medical school , she realized that she didn’t want to continue serving to the military force in Cuba because she always had to lie and say what they want and force her to say because she was the President of the FEU ( WHICH WAS AN ORGANIZATION THAT REPRESENTS ALL THE MILITARY STUDENTS) . She decided to be free to all that terror movie , and asked them to leave the medical school in the military field, and say to them to have the opportunity to continue her career as a doctor but in the normal society. They declined the petition and even though the brilliant girl was accepted in the medical school in her state because she had excellent grades, the military dictator  force her to stay two years away from the medical school  , and they changed all her brilliant grades. After two years , the medical school in Guantanamo , called her and offered to her an opportunity to study with them because she deserve to be a doctor . The medical school in my state had to wait two years to call me because the military school and chiefs said that I must studied only in the military school with them. They made her life a disaster. That brilliant girl had to wait two years , to start again her career only because she didn’t want to continue lying to all students that she represented because she was forced to include in her speeches all things that the military bosses wanted to manipulate and persuade people. After that happens she was very frustrated and decided to immigrate to United Stated looking for freedom and democracy. Now , she is  a studying in Miami Dade College since 2016. She is one of the best students that there is in her college. She has A in all her classes. This is her last semester in Miami Dade College, she had already apply to Miami Dade college Medical School. She say that she met the real meaning of democracy and freedom when she left Cuba and begin a life in United States. PLEASE INCLUDE ALL THIS INFORMATION IN THE ESSAY . IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT AFTER YOU DESCRIBE AND EXPLAINING WHAT DEMOCRACY AND FREEDOM MEANS TO THIS GIRL, EXPLAIN HER OWN EXPERIENCE WITH THE CASTRO GOVERNMENT IN CUBA.

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