Political Science

Drawing on the concepts covered in this week’s material on scientific inquiry and the scientific method, reflect on a research topic that you think would be interesting to research within the Social Sciences.Why does this topic interest you?What would be interesting research questions to ask around this topic?How do you think this topic could best be approached (using quantitative/qualitative data, an inductive, deductive approach etc.)?The writing assignments are supposed to help you apply the class concepts to your own ideas and to practice your writing in preparation for the final research paper. Your writing assignment should be 2-3 pages in length. A couple of important points:Make sure to introduce any concepts from the class material you are referring to (briefly explain what they are).Be sure to cite, meaning use in-text citation in the (author, year) format and provide a short reference list or list of sources at the end of your write-up, using a standard citation format, e.g. APA.

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