Political Science


1- Is the Arab-Israeli conflict a religious one? How did the religious element enter the conflict? How did the Jewish doctrine on war evolve as a result of the conflict? Is the use of nuclear weapons, as some Israeli military commanders suggest, justified for the protection of the Israeli citizens?

2- What do al-Qaeda and ISIS seek to attain through their terrorist campaign? What are the similarities and differences between these two groups? How do they justify targeting civilians in the Western countries, including the September 11th attacks? How do the other Muslims look at their actions and claims that they are engaged in Jihad?

3- Why did the international community fail to intervene on time to protect the Bosnian Muslims? What lasting repercussions did it have on Muslim perceptions of the West? What caused the Western countries particularly the United States not to react properly to the massacres of Syrians within the past ten years?

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