Politics Of Asia-Legitimacy And Political Movements, Compare Two Countries Out Of The 3 (India, China, Japan)

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Your assignment is compare two of our case countries (Japan, India, and China). Your paper should be 15-20 pages long and no longer than 20 pages. A good answer must include materials from class readings and lectures, as well as six solid references from outside sources which are peer reviewed and that analyze the concepts you are using and the connections between them (Wikipedia and other online sources are not appropriate for this assignment). Your paper should be double spaced in Times New Roman font 12 point; with page numbers and a title on the first page (a separate title page is not necessary). Margins should be no larger than 1” on the sides and 1.25” top and bottom.


Legitimacy and Political Movements

Each of our cases has had to deal with legitimacy issues and nation-states have a multitude of options for handling internal conflict and ethnic strife that impacts the ability of states to govern themselves. Begin by explaining clearly the concepts of legitimacy and internal conflict; then choose a facet of legitimacy or political movements in two of our case countries and compare them. Give a detailed and clearly presented explanation of the legitimacy issue or the political movements you are examining. How have the two countries you have chosen to compare dealt with such issues? How have these problems influenced issues of governance and how do the political systems in the states you have chosen reflect values systems particular to that country or Asia in general? Be mindful about the cases which you use to compare and develop that comparison in a separate section of your essay.

Comparison should include the rationale for choosing these countries and cases – what have you learned from this comparison, what did you expect to find? How do these similarities or differences speak to the major themes of the course? Why is this comparison useful and/or illuminating?

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