Power Point Presentation + Outline

Gulf University for Science and Technology ENVR103 Weather & Climate

Presentation Guide – Spring 2015-16


Notes and Guidelines:

1. Form groups of up to 3 students each

2. Select a topic about a weather phenomenon or a weather concept to study it and present it. You can

select a topic from the list provided below, or you can choose to select one on your own topic. You can

send me a list of 3 topics ordered by preference and I will choose for you based on the availability of the


3. Send me an email with the names, IDs, section number, and your topic.

4. Wait for a confirmation email from me before you start working on your outline.

5. Prepare a 1-page bullet points outline for the presentation.

6. Schedule a meeting with me to review and approve the outline.

7. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation about your topic

a. Your presentation should be 12 to 15 min (max) per group so that we can have few minutes for

questions and answers.

b. All the members of your group need to present in the presentation.

c. Use visual aids, graphs, and historical statistics to make your paper and presentation stronger. I

will post later the presentation evaluation guideline which I will be using to grade your


8. Make sure you explain the atmospheric conditions that cause the phenomenon to occur. Talk about how

common and/or severe is the phenomenon and in which geographic zone it mostly occurs.

9. Due dates: Presentation slides are due on Sun May 1st. The submission will be via a MYGUST portal.

We will be conducted during the final week of classes on May 2nd and 4th.









Gulf University for Science and Technology ENVR103 Weather & Climate

Presentation Guide – Spring 2015-16


Suggested Topics

Cyclone Snow

Hurricane Blizzard

Tornado Drought

Dust devil Waterspouts

Whirlwinds Rain types

Thunderstorm Rain and snow mix

Supercell Clouds / Unique Clouds

Tropical storm Ice Volcanos

Volcanic Lightning Ice storm

Upward Lightning Heat wave

Temperature inversion Cold wave

Dust storm Wildfire, firestorm

Haboob Waves vs Tides

Hail / Hailstorm Raining animals

Weather Front / Frontal Weather

Monsoon effect

Weather Forcast Tsunami

Windstorms Anticyclone

Downbrusts Extratropical cyclone

Mesocale/seasonal winds Arctic cyclone

Macroscale permenant winds Coriolis effect

Sleet Fire whirl

Ball lightning Severe Fog

Belt of Venus El Nino effect

Weather of Moon / Mars..etc Flash Floods

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