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Many students struggle when it comes to networking assignments. Networking is a term widely used in the world of computer science that refers to the procedure of linking different computers together so that each can access resources and services offered by other linked computers. In addition, networking may refer to the protocol used for establishing a link between two devices or it may also define the set-up of communication processes and mechanisms, such as proxy servers and the authentication of user access. The emergence of innovative technologies and protocols have also led to the development of many sub-categories within networking. This includes wired network connections (using cables), wireless networking, broadband internet services and digital subscriber line connections (DSL).

As technology continues to advance at an ever-increasing pace, the need for networking has also grown. This is especially true in an office setting where a large number of computers are used simultaneously by many users. In addition to workplace networking, wired and wireless networks have also revolutionized personal computer use.

Networking Assignment help

Types of computer networks.

A computer network is a collection of computers and peripheral devices (terminals, printers etc.) which communicate with each other over the public switched telephone network. It consists of interconnected groups of two or more computers that can exchange data across a shared communication medium such as a local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN). There are mainly three types of computer networks as will be discussed:

Local Area Network (LAN)

Local area network (LAN) is a computer network that interconnects computers over a relatively small area such as campus or office building. Depending upon the number of computers connected in LAN, it can be classified into three types:

Personal Area Network (PAN)

A personal area network consists of a few devices at very close range to a person, and usually contain one or two microchips. This network is mostly made up of devices that are extremely close to you, such as keys, watch, mobile phone etc.

Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)         

A wireless local area network commonly referred to as Wi-Fi is a type of MAN which uses electromagnetic waves for data communication. In the same way, any other form of local area network can be called wireline local area network(WLLAN).

Study Area Networks

Study area network (SAN) is an access point within a classroom or study hall where students come to do their assignments and projects. A study area contains one or more PCs connected by LAN cable to each other and also to the host PC. Wireless LANs are also used in a study area for easy access. SAN can be either wired or wireless depending on its requirement. A wired study area is usually considered as a WLLAN, while a wireless one is called as WLAN.

Wide Area Networks

Wide area network (WAN) is a type of computer network that covers areas ranging from a few kilometers to thousands of kilometers. A WAN consists of local and wide area networks connected together by communication links (usually very high speed) using data transmission technologies including telephone lines, optical fiber cables, or radio waves.

Metropolitan Area Networks

A metropolitan area network (MAN) interconnects LANs within the same metropolitan area. MANs often use existing cellular telephone infrastructure and are typically owned by service providers who offer services to end users such as businesses and individuals.

Networking Assignment Help

Types of Network Topologies

Network topology is a way to arrange the nodes, links and physical media in a computer network. The early generations of networking used point-to-point communication (e.g., via modems or leased lines) for connection between computers, which means each node could communicate with one or more nodes at the time.

Among the common types of network topologies include star topology, mesh topology, hybrid-ring topology etc.

Star Topology

A star network is a type of network topology in which all of the nodes are connected to a central node called hub or switch.

Bus Topology

In contrast to star networks, bus networks and ring networks have ever number of nodes. In a bus network, all the nodes are connected to the same wire. Each node can transmit information to all other nodes on the network using this wire.

Ring Topology

In ring topology or token ring networks, each node has a unique signal traveling around and is able to communicate only with one or two adjacent devices at a time.

Mesh Topology

In Mesh topology, each and every node is connected with all other nodes in its network. It may not be possible to communicate directly between two devices on the mesh. Instead, the message must always pass through one or more intermediate devices.

Networking Assignment Help

Important Network Devices.

Among the common network devices include hubs, access point, switches and routers.


The network hub is one of the simplest networking device available in the market. They are used to expand the number of nodes that can be connected to a LAN without adding extra cabling which makes them easy to install but they do not support high speed ethernet connections.

The Access Points

The access points are the devices which provide network connectivity to mobile computers such as laptops and netbooks through a wireless connection. Since these devices do not have their own wired connections, they are connected to switches or routers for wired communication. These devices are also commonly known as gateways.

The Modem

The modem is used to connect a computer with a phone line and it is used when the computer needs to be connected with internet.

The Repeater

The repeater is used to increase the length of the LAN cables. The repeater receives and retransmits signals on a different cable (which may be on same or different floor) so that it can travel long distances. They are also known as bridge since they act as an intermediate link between two networks on two separate media types.

The Router

The router is the device which connects two or more networks together at a higher layer of abstraction. Routers have multiple interfaces and also include firewall features that are used to protect the host systems from any outside attacks.

The Media Converter

The media converter is used to connect different types of digital media together. These converters are available as stand-alone devices or they can also be built into other network devices such as bridges, routers and switches.

The Network Interface Card

The network interface card is commonly known as NIC and it is used to connect a computer directly to a network. A network adapter usually comes with the CPU and can be upgraded separately. The two common types of network adapters are those that fit into PCI slots on your motherboard and those which require an expansion card in an available slot.

The Firewall

The firewall is used to secure the network from outside threats. They are capable of controlling all traffic that passes through them and also reject any unauthorized connections or data packets from entering into the system.

Important Concepts of Computer Networks

Important concepts of computer networks include addressing and data transmission.


Addressing helps identify devices on a network, and is used in transmitting data. Address formats vary from system to system; for example, an IP address can be written as four decimal numbers separated by dots, or a series of hexadecimal pairs separated by colons.


Data transmission refers to the generic moving of information from one place to another. It also refers to the process of sending data over a computer network, and using that data at its destination.  Multiple different protocols exist for transmission.

Networking Assignment Help

Advantages of Computer Networks:

-Adopting the easy approach to make sure a Network runs smoothly.

-It provide security for the computer networks by using routers and firewalls.

-Computer networking also provides the best internet experience to its users as these concepts make sure that users can easily share the information or their valuable data with anyone anywhere all around the globe without any kind of interruption.

-It also provides a detailed report about its users’ computers on various basis like incident management, Performance management and many more.

-Computer networking also includes the concept of data or information masking in which users can easily access their important data from any location at any time even if they are travelling or in an emergency situation.

-It also provide the best solution to many of its users regarding various concepts like networking, security and several other important factors which can help them in their daily life.

-Another advantage is that it can be used in large scale without causing any kind of problem regarding network congestion as these will ensure a proper flow of information throughout the network by using some tools like routers.

-It is also important to note that the networking also play a vital role in large scale such as for example it can be used for military purposes, banking operations, online shopping and many more.

-The networking is easy to manage and maintain.

-It also play a vital role for the businesses as these make sure that their data is safe from any kind of harm as these will provide them with the best internet experience to its users as these concepts make sure that users can easily share the information or their valuable data with anyone anywhere all around the globe without any kind of interruption.

-One of the main concepts which are used here is that it will always ensure that users get a proper email system with in their system without any kind of interruption.

Networking Assignment help

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Networking Assignment Help

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