Programming Coding

In the linked-list based bag implementation, we demonstrated the functionalities, such as, add, remove, and list. This assignment is to extend the functionalities of the bag with other operations average, min, and max, You need to extend the Bag class (under Wk 2, BagLinked_List.cpp) with the following methods:-int Bag::min( ), is to find minimum of items of the bag.-int Bag::max( ), is to find maximum of items of the bag-float Bag::ave( ), is to find average of the items of the bag.After expanding the Bag class with these functions, demonstrate their functionalities with a similar to:Create a bag A with the items 8, 4, 5, 6, 1, 3; and create another bag, B, with the items 4, 6, 9,  2.Then show thatcout << A.min() << “, ” << A.max() << “, ” << A.ave () ;cout << B.min() << “, ” << B.max() << “, ” << B.ave () ;Note that the code shared on D2L is using a struct to keep string variable. You need to change it to keep int variables instead.

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