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Individual Outline BUSN 733


Date: 8 March 2021

Name of Presenter/s:

Title of Presentation: Fundraising to help in providing safe drinking water to all first nations communities in Canada.



Purpose: the purpose of my presentation is to raise money towards ensuring that all first nations in Canada have safe drinking water.

Our company is looking to raise $1m so that we a create a non-profit foundation that will help in providing safe drinking water to all first nations communities in Canada.


Introduction: Water is key to life and vital to development in society thus highlighting its importance to humanity. It is however devastating to learn that water is today ranked among the most significant challenge worldwide. Water scarcity touches more than one-third of the global population. There is an even bigger risk of experiencing freshwater limitation due to the current issues of the increased global population, climatic change, and pollution (Galioto, et al., 2020). The current drought raises a lot of concerns for everyone and there is a very great need of consolidating funds so that we can deal with the various issues facing us today. The main aim of our organization is to work together with other stakeholders to ensure that we achieve our goal together as one community. Charity is not showing off. Charity means helping people who are in need.


First Major Pointthe main causes of the water crisis in First Nation Communities

1. Supporting Point One: Poor management of water. It is devastating to realize that water is poorly managed, which in turn causes significant negative impacts on the entire country. There are very many risks that come with the overuse of water and poor management. The wastage of water has a lot of consequences like environmental destruction, lack of agricultural productivity, scarcity of safe drinking water.

2. Supporting Point Two: excessive use of water in agriculture and the residents use due to increased population. Agriculture uses a lot of water. Modern agriculture accounts for about 70% of global water resource use, while most of this water is wasted through various ways such as excessive runoffs and evapotranspiration. Apart from agricultural usage, the water that our residents use has continued to rise very fast. This is made worse by the fact that people have continued to drastically increase in the major cities. The increasing population has to be the biggest challenge in providing the resident with enough water. With migrants from various neighboring states and countries settling in different regions, the supply-demand is high. This, therefore, causes a huge problem in providing water to the entire population.

3. Supporting Point Three: changing climate. Climatic change continues to alter the patterns of weather and water globally causing shortages of water in some areas and floods in others. Climate change is today ranked among the top threats to the globe and humankind. Many catastrophes have been associated with the changing of the climate. Some of the disasters related to climatic changes include melting glaciers, polar vortex, and drought among others. Climate changes affect all of us on many economic, social, and psychological levels.

Second Major Point: the reasons why the drinking water problem can be solved using bottled water. 

1. Supporting Point One: it is easier to recycle water and repack it and ensure that it is easily available to the people. Since we have already seen that water mismanagement has a huge impact on the water supply thus impacting supply and demand, water reusing is one of the best ways to increase water supply (Wilson, et al., 2019). This is however a costly practice that requires a lot of money. Through the water bottling, technique, it will be easier to use the SODIS technique to clean poor water and supply it to the residents.

2. Supporting Point two: desalinizing the ocean water. The high growth of the population today dries the quest for water by desalination. By 2050, the human population is expected to balloon by another 50%, desalinizing the ocean water is another practicable measure (Liu, et al, 2017). This will ensure that we can be able to bottle and supply water to the residents and see the problem of the shortage of clean water ending. This is however a very expensive but worthy project.

3. Supporting Point Three: through this project of supplying people with bottled water, we shall have an opportunity to educate people on water management practices. This will include encouraging farmers on the way they and manage the water to ensure that there is no a lot of wastage. It is also important to recommend water-saving fixtures and appliances. These newer models can save many gallons in every household every month. As an example, the old toilets use up to six gallons per flush. There are, however, new low-flow flush toilets that can use 1.6 liters of water or less. These fixtures need to be reduced in terms of their shower time so that they can save water.

Third Major Pointthe significance of raising fund

1. Supporting Point One: through collecting the funds, we shall see the life of many people. This is because we will be able to add the water supply by coming up with innovative ways of ensuring that there is a steady supply of clean drinking water to the people.

2. Supporting Point Two: we shall also be able to offer education to the people regarding the various ways that they can ensure that water is managed properly. It is much more economical to come up with measures that can limit the amount of water that people use this can be through offering education to our people. This will help in eradicating the problem that is currently being faced by the residents

3. Supporting Point Three: If you help us raise the $1,000,000, you will have helped in supporting this important cause. Your donations today and every other support that you will provide will be very significant. There are various ways that you can offer your donation. There is a pledge card that you can tear out and leave with your donation today at the back of the programs that you have. Similarly, by leaving your donations and contact information with one of the scribes circulating, you can join many others who have helped our organization.



Conclusion: The crisis of water is a global issue. First nation communities in Canada are not an exception. It is important to provide the residents with safe drinking water and water for domestic use. We cannot afford to be careless with the water we have. The little water that we have, we must manage, conserve and use efficiently. Water is life, and without water, we shall die. It is the right of every person to get clean drinking water and this project will help us achieve this.



References : Comment by Dr.Kirti Khanzode: Many not be a complete list, a working list may suffice at this stage. It is important to use your text book as one of your sources.

Galioto, F., Chatzinikolaou, P., Raggi, M., & Viaggi, D. (2020). The value of information for the management of water resources in agriculture: Assessing the economic viability of new methods to schedule irrigation. Agricultural Water Management227, 105848.The value of information for the management of water resources in agriculture: Assessing the economic viability of new methods to schedule irrigation – ScienceDirect

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