Project Team Management And Productivity

Team management and productivity


You give the team members a copy of the winning proposal and a “confidential” memo describing the assumptions and constraints you considered in developing the proposal. You tell your team to review the material and be prepared to perform detailed planning at the meeting you have scheduled for the following Monday. During Monday’s planning meeting, you find that Tom (who has worked with you before) has established a take-charge role and has done some of the planning that should have been the responsibility of other team members. You should:

A. Do nothing. This may be a beneficial situation. However, you may wish to ask if the other project office members wish to review Tom’s planning. B. Ask each team member individually how he or she feels about Tom’s role. If they complain, have a talk with Tom.

C. Ask each team member to develop his or her own schedules and then compare results. D. Talk to Tom privately about the long-term effects of his behavior

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In my opinion, the best option to select is “D”. I would conduct a private conversation with Tom. I will start first thanking him for looking into the project and start taking the lead. Second, I will ask him why he decided to do that if we were already divided the roles and responsibilities. Also, I will explain the the long-term effects of his behavior, either it was good or bad.

Work as a team is not easy; there are many different ideas and different points of view that sometimes we are not going to agree with, but we must learn to share any thoughts or ideas as a team. Every team member should contribute to the planning to generate better results. Coordination meeting is an excellent option to keep the team updated with the new ideas that need to be implemented in the project, and it is an excellent opportunity to share and compare ideas.  Private communication, I think, is always the best way to clarify issues; the two sides can feel more comfortable talking about any differences that may exist instead of been expose to other people.

Respond to GA


In my opinion I would do a little more digging on the details of what happened. I would lean more towards reacting to option B. But I would first ask Tom what happened that led him to already start to do some of the planning. If some of the other teams had come to him about the project and gave Tom their information then I would say all was well. However if he just went out of his way and took their information then something needs to be done. After I talked with Tom, I would then ask the other teams and ask them what happened. Hopefully the stories line up, if they do not and I have a good rapport with Tom I would know if he meant well by it or just tried to overstep. After I had all the information I would then decide what to do, if Tom was just out of control I may take him off the project but if he just meant well and was working with the other teams then I would maybe give him more responsibilities.

Respond to AB



I would select the option B. Taking into account that the information of the winning proposal is confidential and Tom had access to it without being part of his tasks that just leads us to the conclusion that one of the team members shared that information to him. That is why I would talk with each team member individually and see how they feel about Tom’s actions and roles. If they complain or are not in the same page, I would talk with Tom privately about his behavior and how his actions are going to harm the team. But if the team is good with it because of the effectivity of his idea, then I would consider the planning of Tom.

Respond to AV


In my opinion and based on the limited facts presented in this case, I would choose option D as the appropriate path forward. As some of my other classmates in this week’s discussion post have stated, there is really no right or wrong answer to this question, but rather depends on the project manager’s leadership style and how much she will tolerate in terms of getting ahead (which may be a waste of time and money) at such an early stage of the game. Tom has displayed behavior not previously shown on other projects and should be addressed privately with Tom that his initiative is appreciated; however for this particular project we all must remain on the same page. I would set the tone for the project and treat every new job as a clean slate. To get the team back on track, it is a good idea to baseline the schedule together regardless of what Tom has done in terms of planning.

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