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The ancient Rome and the USA have some similarities and differences that form our basis for comparison, The goal is to compare what Rome and USA have in compared to art, politics, urban development, and planning, This paper will exhaustively try to compare between Rome and the USA regarding politics, arts, planning and urban development and developing the role of women as citizens and goddesses,

Comparisons between Ancient Rome and the USA

There appears to be a significant similarity many aspects of the Ancient Rome and the USA,Regarding politics both the ancient Rome and the USA systems of government shows some form of organized systems of government, Both USA and Ancient Rome has a three-tier structure of government comprising of legislative, judicia and executive branches, Rome was ruled by an Empire who managed a small autocratic system with no extraordinary form of structured some kind of democracy, Both controlled large land masses, Elections for electing public officials is common in both USA and Ancient Rome, Both the USA and the Ancient Rome show significant investment and prowess in their military (Nye, 2015),

Regarding art, it is easy to identify the similarities between the Ancient Roman art and the modern-day art of the USA, The elite-class Roman homes gave a chance for the holder to exhibit his opulence and status in the society, dependent relatives, and clients, Mosaics, wall murals, paintings, and sculptures were all combined faultlessly with luxury objects such as bronze ornaments and silver-made bowls (Franconi, 2013), They also had sports such as gladiator fights, chariot races, and music, As compared to the Ancient Rome, Art in the USA appears to take a materialistic perspective and many times it is used in the display of status and wealth, House decors, Cars, expensive clothing, and furniture all depicts one’s status in the American society today, The Americans also love sports such as car and horse racing, wrestling, and music is a significant aspect of the American people too (Murphy, 2007),

According to (Schulz, 2014), urban planning and development in the Ancient Rome were severely taken, The planning and of roads and public structure was undertaken and actualized through planners who developed a chain of blueprints for the Empire, Architects in Rome wanted to exhibit the political power and strength of the Roman Empire, To accomplish this, they learned skills that included how to make the vault the arch, the dome in addition to methods of using concrete, Roman Architecture also borrowed much from the Greeks and Egyptians, They built roads, amphitheaters, basilicas, monuments, bridges and some of the greatest buildings in the history of architecture (Schulz, 2014), As compared to the Ancient Rome’s architecture, the American design is one of the most advanced in the world, They have borrowed a lot from the Ancient Rome with the example of The Residence Mason and the New York University, Hall of Fame Terrace in New York, American official buildings such as the Supreme Court and The White House depict models borrowed from other nations models, Concrete is also significantly used in construction in the USA,

According to Schulz, the Ancient Rome was largely a patriarchal society, Women could hardly occupy positions of influence in the community, Unlike their men counterparts, women primarily to stayed at home always so as to do housework and look after the children when the husbands are away working,Only a small number of women could be found working in the male-dominated jobs such as being a doctor or a teacher (Schulz, 2014),The USA remains to be a patriarchal society although to a lesser degree as compared to the Ancient Rome, In the USA the role of women has grown over the years, Women rights are well enshrined in the constitution to safeguard their wellbeing, Women are still lagging behind in access to equal opportunities in the workplace, school, politics and business world in the USA (Murphy, 2007),


As seen from the discussion above The USA of the modern times has many similarities to the life Ancient Rome in several aspects, It will likely influence citizens’ life in America, The propensity of The USA to invade and attack other nations in the world is liable to increase the levels and frequency of terrorist attacks in the world leading to insecurity, The use of a money economy in the USA in the spirit of capitalism has led to significant economic inequalities among its people with many citizens who can’t get money finding it hard to live in the USA,This has also seen the shrinking percentage of the middle class in the USA,

As long as the American society remains largely patriarchal, women will continue finding it hard to bridge the gender inequality in pursuit of equal opportunities in the USA regarding social and economic spheres, The equation appears to favor their male compatriots in almost all area of the American economy, politics and general life, The regular elections in the USA have been consuming a lot of taxpayers’ money which could have been used to better the lives of the Americans, Politics also tend to divide the people along racial lines in the USA and also serves to be a way of enriching the politicians with the citizens largely abandoned, The increasing rate of decline in religion in the USA is likely to see the influx of many actions that might erode the human values in the USA,This can be partly blamed for the increased number of same-sex relationships and other sexual deviants in the USA,


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