Psychological Case Study

Write a 4-5 page summary of one relevant case study on a particular disorder (be same as for your group hot topic and PSA). Please include: Basics of the disorder Symptoms, etc Who it affects Physiology affected in a specific disorder (symptoms, etc.) Summarize the general roles of the brain Summarize range of deficits that can result from an injury to this area Role of neurotransmitters/hormones (if applicable) Analyze a particular case study what are the abilities and impairments How are they different or similar to other cases or empirical findings? Please include in text citations and a works cited page with at least 2 scholarly sources (other than your book- you can include your book for 3 sources). Citations and references NEED to follow APA format (but no need for a title page) Quotations are NOT acceptable- paraphrase and cite. To qualify as a page, needs to be at least ¾ of a page.

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