Psychological Disorder Research Paper

Mental disorders are affecting people from any background, income level, gender, age, and ethnicity. For your research paper, choose a disorder that has its own code in the Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorder, 5th edition, revised (DSM-V) Or find a disorder online. For your research, you will need to write about: The symptoms of the disorder. You need to quote the DSM-V. Any additional source is welcomed, but the DSM-V is required. You cannot use a secondary source (a source that quotes the DSM-V). The etiology of the disorder The treatments And the Prognosis You are expected to use at least: A book (ebooks are considered books); A website; And an article from a scholarly journal. Your paper needs to be presented in APA format and the body of paper needs to be between 2 and 4 pages long. Remember that APA format requires you to have a title page, an abstract, the paper, and a reference page. (The disorder that I would really like to write about is PTSD)

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