Working in your small group, please answer the following question. Then, respond to three other posts. This can include a reply to another student’s DQ, a reply to someone who replied to you, a reply to the instructor, etc… The only post that DOES NOT count as participation is your response to the DQ. Keep in mind that you are working in a group of 5-8 students approximately and not the whole class. As such, failure to not make your DQ response by the Wednesday due date could make it hard for your groupmates to meet their participation requirement for the week. For this week, the text discusses disorders that affect learning. Please choose either ADHD or learning disabilities to discuss for your DQ response. If you choose ADHD, focus on the topics of overdiagnosis, how it is treated, and the ethnic/racial differences in diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. If you choose learning disabilities, discuss what they are and how we help children with them. There are a few links below examining the idea of rewiring young children’s brains to help decrease or even prevent them. What are your thoughts on this?

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