Psychology Assignment


CBC news feature – VIDEO: Our Canada: Are We Racist?


University of Victoria – VIDEO: Territory Acknowledgement with Songhees Elder Elmer George


First Peoples – A Guide for Newcomers





Read the article (provided on Brightspace) Pidgeon, A. M., Coast, G., Coast, G., Coast, G., & Coast, G. (2014). Examining characteristics of resilience among university students: An international study. Open Journal of Social Sciences, 2(11), 14-22.

  1. Create a table like the one below. Summarize the data from your surveys in the table. (8 points)
  1. Pidgeon, Rowe, Stapleton, Magyar, & Lo (2014) published a study to examine common characteristics and patterns among resilient university students.
  1. How do the authors define or describe resilience among university students?


  1. How did Pidgeon et al. study the resilience of university students? What did they do?


  1. What were the results of their study? What do they recommend? (2 points) d. How do their methods compare to the activities and surveys that you completed for this assignment? How do their results compare to your observations for yourself? What is similar or different?


  1.  Choose one of the following constructs: perceived locus of control, self-concept, self-esteem, or self-efficacy. Define the chosen construct and describe how the activities you did could affect this construct, both in your studies and in your daily life?





CBC news feature – Our Canada: Are We Racist?


  1. After watching Our Canada: Are We Racist? and reading First Peoples: A Guide for Newcomers, answer the following questions:


  1. Identify 2 things that you found surprising or interesting from viewing and reading these resources. Why? Explain fully.


  1. What psychological factors may contribute to the stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination described in Our Canada and First Peoples? Provide 5 specific examples of stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination from Our Canada or First Peoples, and clearly identify, and explain at least 5 relevant psychological concepts or processes.



University of Victoria – Territory Acknowledgement with Songhees Elder Elmer George


  1. After watching the territory acknowledgement video and reading the accompanying website page, answer the following questions:
  2. On whose traditional territory is UVic located? What are the names of the three groups of First Peoples identified in the territory acknowledgment? (1 point)
  3. What are 3 intended purposes of the territory acknowledgement, as indicated by UVic? (1 point)


  1. Identify 2 ways in which the Territory Acknowledgement may help address colonization, prejudice, or discrimination in our communities? How? – Explain fully in relation to assigned readings and colonization. (4 points)




  1. Drawing from the readings for this assignment and from Module 6: Ch 13, answer the following questions:


  1. Identify the city in which you currently live. Name examples of at least 10 specific ethnicities represented by the residents of the city where you live. You may also choose your region or country. You may have to do some research to answer this question, such as Canada census data or government websites – provide the references as part of your response to this question (Wikipedia is NOT a valid website for this information).


  1. Why is it important to reflect on the diversity you listed in question 3a? Explain fully in relation to the readings and/or course concepts.


  1. Reflect on your own personal role in reducing stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination in your community. What are 3 specific actions that you can take in your daily life? Ensure you clearly explain your points, and relate each to the resources provided for this assignment or the course.

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