Psychology Homework

Irvine Valley College (Spring, 2014)


Introduction to Psychology (ticket # 64870/64875)


Instructor: Dr. Kari L. Tucker (M.A., Ph.D.)

Office hours/location: T/Th (8:30-11:00 AM); F (see me for an appointment) / BST 202H

Email / phone / 949-451-5447

Semester Paper: 15% of final grade

1. Semester Paper: All students who have taken Introduction to Psychology should be familiar with influential contributions in research and theory, and how these relate to everyday life. Thus, the research review paper is intended to familiarize you with the research process, findings, and implications. As you will see, the articles that I have chosen will relate to personality and emotional styles. You will be reading a number of articles, which are located in the “Review Articles” link in the Blackboard system. Although you are to read each of the articles as indicated in the schedule portion of the syllabus, you are to select 6 of these articles to briefly summarize in Part I of your paper. For this section of your paper, you will be identifying key components and generating your own thoughts and reflection where indicated (see the detailed handout which describes specific requirements for this paper). Also, in a second section of this semester paper, you will be finding one article in the scientific literature that relates to and increases knowledge in one of the areas in psychology. All responses in your semester paper must BE IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Also, please do not use quotes, even if properly cited. Part of this assignment is for you to THINK about what you are reviewing, and one way for you to do that is to discuss the various sections in your own words. Thus, if you quotes, points will be deducted. NO LATE PAPERS WILL BE ACCEPTED, SO PLEASE PLAN AHEAD. Please see the detailed handout for this assignment, which is attached to this syllabus.

Please note: Plagiarism = taking credit for work done by someone else (see below for a more detailed handout). This refers to (1) turning in a paper that includes work written by another student, or downloaded from the Internet; or (2) including portions of previously published work without proper referencing. Plagiarism is the intellectual equivalent of forgery, and it is never permissible. Any assignment that includes plagiarized material will automatically receive a grade of zero – no exceptions. Lastly, please know that you will be turning in your semester paper into a “Turnitin” location—this is a tool to deduct any form of plagiarism—thus, if you have used wording that is too similar as the book or any other wording found on the Internet, it will be detected. So, please….again…. use your own wording. Please see the handout (below) and the following website on plagiarism:

Semester Paper Assignment

Psychology is a scientific discipline. The knowledge that we have gained and the information written in your textbook have come from psychological research studies. Therefore, it is important that you have familiarity with influential research and theoretical articles in Psychology. You will be reading particular interesting and relatable articles that I have chosen. These articles are located in the Blackboard system in a file called “Review Articles.”


It is expected that you will read all articles given in the Review Articles file. However, you are to choose 6 articles to summarize for part I. Your literature review should NOT be in essay format for this portion, and should be typed (single-spaced) on the template below (For each article, cut and paste this template, and then provide your responses). ALL RESPONSES NEED TO BE IN YOUR OWN WORDS—NO QUOTES EITHER…..or points will be deducted!! ( For a detailed description of each of the sections in Part I, please see “Explaining Part I below.



1. Author(s) of the Article:

2. Title of the Article:

3. Purpose and/or Hypothesis(es) of the Study:

4. Results of the Study:

5. Method for Testing the Hypothesis(es)

6. Implications for the Results:



Select one of the articles that interests you MOST (this article should be one of the 6 articles that you chose for Part I). Then, prepare written responses to each of the questions below by copying and pasting the questions and then inserting your thorough response to each question.

1. Which classic article interested you MOST and why? Please give information about the title and author of this article.

2. What current study in Psychology (within the last three years) has been conducted in the area of your interest? For this, you should go to the IVC Ebsco database (see a librarian for help). Specify your search searching “peer reviewed” research articles written by professors from research universities. Also, when you are in the Ebsco data base, search by title or keywords of your interest. You can go to the American Psychological Association ( , but you might have to pay for the article). Please make sure that if you are on a site other than or in Ebso, then you check to make sure the article is written by a professor from a research university. In answering this question, I am looking to see that you can find current psychological research, and then relate it to new ideas). Please include answers to the following questions:

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