Public Administration315

Subject: Read the slides and watch the video then write the assignment and the two entries, please follow the format and requirement. I post the requirement of the assignment and other material. For the discussion part, the answer of the question should more than 250, and response a classmate’s answer, so that’s two entries, I will pride some’s answer, please help me give a comment.

The material for the assignment:

1. YouTube URL:

2. YouTube URL:

3. A side



AWriting Assignments:

Over the course of the course students will have to complete numerous writing assignments that will require critical thinking, reflection and application of learned material. The format for the writing assignment is provided in Appendix A.


2. Class Interaction and Participation:

Interaction and participation are very important. Given the structure of the course, one cannot learn if one does no actively engage in discussions. For the discussion sessions students are expected to make at least two entries – one in response to the questions provided in the prompt (discussion threat) and one in response to an entry made by a colleague. Each entry should be a minimum of 250 words in length. Hence, between the two entries – 500 words in total. The total contribution will be evaluated according to the following criteria:


  Levels of Achievement
Criteria Meeting Course Expectations (5 – 4 points) Close to Course Expectations (3.9 – 2.5 points) Below Course Expectations (2.4 – 0.1 points) Not Meeting Course Expectations (0 points)
Content Understanding The student understands main ideas relevant to the issue under discussion. The student correctly uses terminology and topic related information. The student demonstrates appropriate use of examples and counterexamples. Information and knowledge are accurate. The student constructs arguments with accurate explanations and evidence. Ideas and arguments are relatively clear. Some terminology is used correctly. Contributions to the discussion are generally supported by some examples, statistics or other in other meaningful ways. The student uses most of topic vocabulary incorrectly. The student shows little mastery in constructing arguments based on the readings. Gives little indication that the readings were completed. The contributions to the discussion are not related to the topic and do not make a contribution to the overall knowledge production process.
Interaction with Others The student dialogue with others is constructed with respect. The interactions of the student are appropriate for an academic setting. The student encourages contributions from others and is able to receive constructive criticism. The student acknowledges the statements of others in a way that builds a consecutive interchange between participants. The student is responsive to others and when disagreeing, the student does so respectfully. The student is sensitive to cultural and ethnical differences and behaves appropriately. Student does not instigate conflict and value the opinions of others. The student participates to the discussion but makes little meaningful contribution. The students demonstrates an acceptable level of respect and sensitivities to cultural and ethnical differences. The interactions of the student are inappropriate for an academic setting. The student makes some irrelevant or inappropriate comments. Student indicates a proclivity towards instigating conflict. The students show little effort in participating in the discussion or to collaborate with others. The student ignores others and is unresponsive. The student fails to show respect and courtesy to one’s peers. The student does not participate in the discussion and makes no attempt to collaborate with others or make any meaningful contributions to the discussion.
Language & Communication Quality The student uses correct vocabulary and syntax. The student demonstrates mastery of academic English without grammatical errors. The student uses everyday vocabulary. Statements and arguments are not always clearly constructed. There are occasional vocabulary, spelling and syntax errors. The student uses language that makes it difficult for others to understand. Language is abstract or trite. There are frequent vocabulary and syntax errors. Student fails to express oneself appropriately. Others cannot understand what is being said. There are many vocabulary and syntax errors.




The question for discussion(more 250 words):

Over the past several decades American society has changed in a number of significant ways. Discuss in detail at least one such change (please, make sure to follow the discussion guidelines provided in the syllabus).


The classmate’s answer I need to response(more than 250):

One way the American society has changed over the passed decade is by having a less regulated government in businesses. From the Big Government to the Rightsizing Government, rules and regulations have been shifting downwards. For example, in the Big Government when the great depression happen. The government had to step in and redirect the direction that the American society were going in. There were rules in place like the Fair Labor Standards Act, which established the minimum wage and the child labor laws. They also regulated the social security and unemployment insurance. With a large amount of employees getting fired during the great depression there had to be a security to help the American families still be able to afford living costs. In the Rightsizing Government there has been a shift in how the government helps in businesses. They have deregulated transportation with the Airline Deregulation Act which took away the governments control on the routes, fares and the entry of new airlines. They also added more safeguard risks like the Affordable Care Act  and extended the unemployment insurance. With the American society changing there will always be shifts in the way the government handles businesses and to what extent they will interact.


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