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Industrial Wastewater Management (ESHS-614.01)


Homework Assignment #1

Points = 20


1. What is wastewater? What are the general categories of wastewater?

(2 points)



2. What is the difference between a direct discharge facility and an indirect discharge facility?

(2 points)



3. Why is it important to measure wastewater flows within an industrial facility? Provide at least three reasons.

(3 points)



4. Under what conditions would it be better to use an ultrasonic flow meter rather than a magnetic flow meter?

(1 points)



5. What type of flow meter would you suggest using to measure flow under the following situations, and why would you use that type of meter? Be sure to include the type of level or head measuring device that you are using if one is necessary.

(HINT: First think about what type of structure the water is flowing through, then think about what the water contains.)

(2 points each)


a. Stormwater run-off from a supermarket parking lot that flows through a concrete drainage ditch.


b. A typical sanitary sewer main in Monroe County.


c. Drinking water supplied to the main RIT campus.


d. A mixture of juice and grape skins flowing from a winery press on the first floor up to a fermenting tank on the second floor.


6. Direct Potable Reuse (i.e. “Toilet to Tap”) is gaining interest and momentum due to worldwide water resource constraints. Read the articles and then chose a side in the argument (either for or against the technology) and provide a brief essay to support your side. List the pros and cons of the technology, being sure to analyze its application 1) in a drought situation, 2) in areas of the world with limited access to clean water, and 3) in areas of plentiful fresh water; how does each of these situations change your argument? Provide a minimum of 3 cited references to support your argument. (4 points)

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Industrial Wastewater Management, Homework #1

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