Qualitative Article Review

With the article: “I want to do the right thing but what is it?”: White teachers’ experiences with African American students, do the following: 1. Outline the article. This outline should include the major components of a qualitative research article. The outline may be written in outline form, 1. Introduction: then a sentence or two noting the introduction. 2. The next component: explanation, etc. The outline should be no longer than one page. 2. Answer the following questions in relation to the article: a. What is the theoretical perspective? b. What is the research question? c. What is the research methodology? d. What are the methods of collecting data? e. What are the methods for analyzing data? f. What are the ethical issues? g. How do you know this is quality research? h. What are your critiques of the article? The answer to the questions in question 2, should be no more than one page

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